• He is cool

    He is pretty cool and is hot and has abs so ya
    he is cool
    and hot
    and has abs
    so yeah
    he is hot
    he has abs
    he is pretty cool
    so yeah
    his hair is debatable but otherwise is ok and he has a a lot of fans idk why people still hate him is is trying to be a good person now.

  • Justin Bieber is great

    He may have made some mistakes but really who hasn't? The only reason his mistakes are a big deal is because he is directly under the spotlight and the media is constantly looking for a story to post about him. If it wasn't for paparazzi making the mistakes into a huge deal people would not hate him and think he was a bad guy. Also the media makes up rumors about him and people believe them which makes him seem even worse.

  • Justin Bieber=good role model

    Justin Bieber is good role for many reasons. He has donated millions and millions to those in need, cares about his fans, and he's just a kind hearted kid. Yes, he has done some unforgivable mistakes but that's life. Justin's teenage years has been taken away from him and has been in the limelight for almost seven years now so he's bound to miss up. You haters act if he's Hitler or something.

  • Hes the best role model

    It has been verified that Justin Bieber is now one of the worst role model for some teens but not to others. He has been caught saying bad stuff to people. He also committed crimes and other horrible things. Justin Bieber has also done good things. Such as, how he donated millions and millions of dollars to people in need and has built homes for the less fortunate. He has helped millions of girls and boys in need, even just from his music. Many people say that hes the worst person on earth because of his mistakes that he makes in life but, i disagree. I disagree with what they say because he helps people know what real feelings are

  • He's done good things

    He has donated millions and millions of dollars for people in need and he's built homes for the less fortunate. A lot of the things you hear of him aren't even true. He has helped millions of girls and boys in need, even just from his music. We need more people like Justin in this world. Yeah, he's made mistakes, some more than others, but he's a human. He lives a hard life and he just needs to surround himself with the right people. He's a real kind hearted kid, I've met him and he's really sweet.

  • Justin is a good role model

    Justin is a good role model and I should know because he's been my role model since I was 8 years old in 2009. He's just been hanging with the wrong people and they're making him do all the bad things he's been doing. But since he's not been on the news recently, he hasn't been getting into trouble with the law! Which is good! He needs to stop,getting into trouble and just be himself. All this hate he's always getting needs to STOP! He has feelings too ya know?! You wouldn't like it if you was getting as much as hate as he is. So stop! I know how the real Justin acts, but ever since he's been in trouble with the law, that isn't the Justin I and all the other Beliebers in the world know.

  • Justin is a good role model

    Justin is a good role model but he just not surrounding him self with good people now he is and he hasrt got into any trouble. At the momenet Justin is trying to fimg who he is at the moment this hate has to settle down because its really hurting his feelings. You would like it if it was you and people started to hate on you , would you. He told so many people to believe in them self's and case there dreams and many have and he's save sooo many people from going down the wrong path and commiting suicide

  • OF COURSE he always has been

    Justin has been my role model sense I was 10. So 4 years. I know who the real Justin is, and the one right now isn't the real Justin. Although I am saying this, I still love him. I would like to see all of you guys live life like he does and then not fall apart. Every celebrity falls apart. Its just life in the spotlight. Its more difficult then it looks.
    Justin will always be the guy who taught me to never give up. Justin will always be the guy who taught me to believe in myself..
    Justin spent most of his teenage years in the spotlight, he has been through A LOT so before you go judge him, hate on him, take a walk in his shoes

  • Justin Bieber is a good guy

    As we all know he has been the last three years for his had been really hard and he has been going through a lot of pressure from the media in his teenage years everyone know that it is hard bot now he is trying to be his best self do why cant we give him a second chance. He apologies to the public and it take nerves to do that. And at least we can just respect him because he realized what he done and he wanna be good and he wanna prove the word he still can do something good. Everybody knows how hard it is to be judged by the whole world so now why cant he given another chance.

  • Justin is the best role model

    Justin Bieber grew up in the spotlight. His talent lead him to this fame in his early teenaged years, and soon, he was the top pop singer for everyone, especially girls, as he also received many awards and launched his new album MY WORLD.

    Now, just picture yourself as Justin for a split second. Just a teenager, nothing special, raised by your young single mom, suddenly getting all that fame and cameras flashing every time you go out. And you shoo them away, yet there they stay for many years, and your teenage years, the time where everyone is reckless and young, are flashing in magazines and polls and articles. No privacy, at all.

    Yet you still work hard, for you were self taught and determined. You are still only fifteen, but you continue to work hard and sing, go for the talent you have. You go to interviews and get older, making reckless mistakes teenagers do, and you get criticized, and you still donate to the homeless and less fortunate, but still, only your bad side is being seen by others. How does that make you feel?

    Justin Drew Bieber was like all teenagers. Yet one deadly thing happened. He didn't realize it until it was too late. His years, his childhood, his youth, his reckless and young days were on the media, and he was getting arrested for doing crimes. He also liked attention, because all his life, he lived by it, and made the headlines faster and faster. If you got all that attention and fame, for doing stupid things, and you were used to the spotlight since day 1, you would obviously continue, thinking of it as the better. And plus, he was a teenager. No other words needed.

    He made mistakes, yet we need to look at his good side now. He is so responsible and determined for his new album, Purpose, and his documentary, as well as his meaningful songs, pay his respects to apologies toward society. He has donated millions and supports 21 charities to this day, strongly and actively. He is back, being 21 years old now, more mature and old enough to be in the music industry,

    SO, in conclusion, he is actually a really good role model if you come to think of it. Ego could have came in the way but he decided to dedicate a whole album towards his mistakes and how he is back, better than ever before.

  • Needs more prove

    He did said apology, But he's an adult. To get respect, He has to earn it. He's still young, Still much to learn and to prove him self. Saying he's good just by knowing he's apologising and donate didn't automatically makes him a better person. Yes he's trying, But up until now, He is not YET.

  • Penis hair long

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  • He iz peniz

    Justin beiber iz a massive peniz dick and needs help. Justin beiber iz a massive peniz dick and needs help. Justin beiber iz a massive peniz dick and needs help. Justin beiber iz a massive peniz dick and needs help. Justin beiber iz a massive peniz dick and needs help.

  • What come on? A role model?

    There is no way shape or form that that.....THING can even be considered a good singer let alone a role model. It's like saying foods that are highly saturated in fat are good for you. Justin Bieber does drugs, casually sleeps around, makes inappropriate and degrading music videos, gets in trouble with the law, supports rape, etc etc. That pervert is NO role model. If I had kids I'd BAN them from listening to him. The people that say he is a role model were clearly on drugs when they said that. Justin Bieber is about as much as a role model as a chimpanzee (and even THAT has more talent at singing). He's a jerk to his fans and a disgrace to the male gender.

  • Arrogance and immaturity

    He is a complete fool and acts like a two year old towards his life. HE needs to see a doctor if this is how he is going to be! In my opinion he is setting the bar far too low for people and cant even control himself! Please agree that he is an idiot

  • Justin Bieber is NOT a good role model

    Justin Bieber has made many mistakes that can't be forgotten like. Justin Bieber smokes, get WAY to many tattoos, he useed Selena Gomez, he spits on his fans and he gets into fights for no reason! He is on drugs and he shows way to much attitude espically to his fans! Justin Bieber IS NOT a good role model. HE IS NEVER TO BE TRUSTED!!!

  • I picked the wrong one on accident

    He is pretty cool and kind cute but I am NOT obsessed. He makes nice music and some people need to stop and listen to the message his music is sending. I still need 19 words so blah blah blah blah blah blah I like tacos rawr I'm a dinosaur.

  • No duh he's the worst role model

    Horrible! He didn't get in cuz of talent! He only got in cuz of his huge abs and nice tan. His lyrics sound like they were written by a 2-year old who just watched South Park. In every song he sounds like he's asking for sex or he's ready to have sex. His voice is creepy and disturbing. Love Yourself made me feel like a loser with lyrics like :my Mama don't like you and she likes everyone." It's going to trigger suicides, because it makes people feel unloved!! That is not a good role model. He ENJOYS treating women like sex toys, and really WANTS to be looked at the wrong way. He's a slut. He has a DUI, he spits on his fans, he's mean to his fans, he used Selena Gomez, and he made a racist parody to "One Less Lonely Girl" (the STUPIDEST song I ever heard). He swears way too much, and he's had so many Instagram controversies. He has no respect for his body, as he's constantly smoking and tattooed to death, and he has sex casually with multiple women. He's fake and he's terrible at concerts. He uses his fans as excuses for his behavior. DONT BE LIKE HIM. HES DESTROYING MENS REPUTATION

  • Bieber is part of a long list of celebs that should NOT be considered role models for young boys

    List includes Orlando bloom, Chris brown, Ryan lochte, Shia labeouf, Kanye west, Eminem, drake, etc. He is freaky and disturbing and every song sounds like he's ready for sex or like he hates someone. They make me feel like a loser. He takes nudes on instagram, he pees everywhere for no reason, he's cruel to animals, he EVEN SANG ABOUT TRIPLE K. GROSSS. GREAT ROLE MODEL FOR BOYS (NOT!). A better role model would be Daniel Radcliffe, cause he helps the LGBT and hasn't been too scandalous like these jerks I mentioned earlier

  • Bad ktown kid


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