• Better than most

    To be good at soccer, you gotta make it on a funded team. He would demolish anyone who doesn't play regularly. May not be on par with professionals, but do we call professionals "good"? They are great, they are the best. JB is good. So the answer to this question is Yes.

  • Yes, it seems he is.

    Soccer is the most widely-consumed sport on the planet, and musical stars want to appeal to the largest audience possible. It appears Justin Bieber is also a soccer supporter, but a little digging reveals he’s not like other fans who simply hopped on the beautiful game’s bandwagon because it was the cool thing to do.

  • Justin is an average soccer player.

    Justin Bieber is mostly known for his singing and his dancing. However, he is not known in the slightest as a "good soccer player." Based off of social media and shared videos, Bieber has average talent as far as being able to kick a ball and doing minimal ball tricks, but he is not as skilled as professional players.

  • Justin Bieber should get off the pitch

    Justin Bieber recently did a friendly match with FC Barcelona. It was an indication that his talents are better served in the realm of music. While it was clear "the Biebs" was having a good time on the pitch, he didn't show any real skill or aptitude for the game.

  • He is a good singer.

    Justin Bieber was an ordinary kid from Canada, except for one thing. The only way that Justin Bieber stands out is because he is a good singer. In fact, he is a great singer. However, that doesn't necessarily translate to the soccer field. Bieber is a small, slight person who occasionally smokes marijuana. That is not the type to be great at soccer.

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