• Yes, he should act more professionally.

    Yes, Justin Bieber is a jerk, because there are a lot of things he has done that are socially unacceptable. The one that most easily comes to mind is when he wrote something inappropriate at the Diary of Anne Frank Guest Book. Bieber needs to learn that being famous means that good behavior is even more important. He is a child, but even children can have good manners.

  • Justin is I douch

    He has done a lot of shitty things just search ur up and He can not sing he uses auto tune for every song and he doesn’t have good music ether So why he such a big deal is it because he is rich. There are kind people that can actually sing but are unpopular because they are not millionaires btw listen to Jon fazal

  • Justin Bieber Jerk

    He is imature and takes his fans for grated and does apreciate them. His fans or their parents spend large amount money for over priced tickets. A good sign of this was his last concert in Oslo, where schools rescheduled tests so students can attend his concert. Sadly, in 10 years he may be broke and working a regular job back in Canada.

  • Hell yes he is

    Look people say that 'oh he's just a kid' but that's no excuse for the things that he has done! I mean the drag race that he did in Miami like seriously?!?! Bieber spits on a fan and tries to make another one feel like she did something wrong not Bieber. He should act more professional and way more mature. It is time to seriously grow up.

  • Ew justin no

    So old his only good hit was baby and even that was pretty bad. So well he spits on fans and he does terrible things and flaunts his wealth like the 1800 century gentry ya. Npobody likes you bieber. I mean there is like a fandom but now he only has like 3 supporters.

  • Justin Bieber is a jerk.

    Justin Bieber is a jerk. I did not always think this but with more facts coming out about him, I believe he is acting way too immature for his age. Stories about him egging a neighbors house seemed ridiculous but this was not the only time that cops have knocked at his mansion. He turned away police when they went to question him about speeding at high rates of speed through his neighborhood. I hope he gets his act together before someone gets hurt such as a kid playing in a street that he is speeding through or someone else crossing the street. Typical teenage decisions but he thinks his fame will let him do whatever he wants. This will change when someone gets hurts by his foolishness.

  • He can be

    All people are jerks sometimes but the most horrible thing is there are a lot of people giving him a tough time which he partly deserves. He is stepping into adult hood finally getting a true glance at the world. He peed in a mop bucket but he wrote songs title pray and recovery. Everyone is a jerk sometimes but we should turn the other chhek and not be that way back.

  • Justin Bieber is not a jerk!!

    He is not a jerk because even though he is acting like a jerk he is helping the poor. For example he is building houses in guatamala. Some people don't even try to help other people. Unlike kanya west he is respectful and loves his beliebers with all his might.

  • Not at all

    Sometimes he do act immature. It is just that he is too much famous because of his talent that everyone points at his every humanly act. It is not possible that you have not acted like him ever. You too would have done mischiefs and fast driving too. But yeah you are not justin bieber. So you can do anything and no one is gonna point you. He is very sweet to his fans and loves them unlike any celebrity. He helps the poor and that is soo sweet of him. He is a human guys stop pointing his every mistake as if they crime.

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