Is Justin Bieber better than One Direction?

Asked by: eliza14
  • One Direction are gimmicks.

    One Direction didn't even win the x factor! And none of them made it through as solo artists!

    Simon just thought they'd be a good way to make more money because dumb girls will fall in love with them because of their looks.

    I have no respect for One Direction because they don't even write their own songs. Sure they co wrote three or two songs on their albums but what? They probably put in two words in the song.

    They're just famous because of their looks.

    Bieber on the other hand, has talent. I know he has written songs before he was famous and I've listened to them and I think they're good songs. ("Where are you now" and "common denominator")

    And as Bieber said himself, he was found not made. He was discovered on YouTube. He's not a gimmick because everyone back in 2010 said he looked like a girl and people made fun of him, but some girls fell in love with him because of his music, not because of his looks and I understand that completely.

    People say Justin only writes songs about girls and being in love, but that's not true. I've heard songs that aren't related to that. Some in his christmas album ("drummer boy", "christmas eve.") his Believe album ("Be alright" which is a very well written song and it's saved many lives. "Believe") and what about "never say never" and "pray"? See? He writes other songs too.

    I've never heard any One Direction songs that aren't about girls or being in love. No inspirational songs at all. It's sad really. They're a complete joke that girls like just because they think they're hot.

  • At least Justin knows he is a wuss.

    He has a bunch of body guards all around him and he acts like a wimp. And knows he is not good, cause he just does music for ht e money. One direction is just a group of wussies that cannot even make good music. Neither can Justin, but at least he is aware and not in denial.

  • Justin Bieber Is Better

    Justin actually cares about his fans, unlike One Direction. A girl who's sister was a Directioner told me that the band made fun of her sister who is disabled. That crossed the line for me. Justin also takes the time to visit sick fans in the hospital. He is about to break the record for granting the most wishes at the Make A Wish Foundation. That's pretty amazing for a 19 year old. Not only is Justin a great person, he can really sing. A true artist writes all of their songs. That's Justin. Whenever he can, he writes a new song. He wrote over 150 songs for his album, Believe, but only 17 were released. One Direction doesn't write their own songs, and they can't sing. It's a double whammy. And what makes the band even worse, is their "fans." Their fans are terrible. They're constantly hating on Justin's fans and saying rude things like "At least 1D doesn't hang with cancer patients like Justin does" or "Justin should go rot in hell with Avalanna." For those of you who didn't know, Avalanna was a 6 year old girl who passed away from a very rare form of brain cancer. For Directioners to insult her, is just wrong. So overall, Justin Bieber is a million times better than One Direction.

  • Justin is better

    Justin started with nothing. He loved music from the heart so he decided to post them on YouTube. He was FOUND, not made. 1D could've been solo artists or not even popular if they weren't formed together as a band. Justin donates to charity because he always gives back. He knows how hard it is to have nothing, so he donates money to help others. Justin's music makes his fans feel good about themselves. Songs like Be Alright and Fall have saved me. Many people could've died, but Justin saved them. Not with the looks, but with the voice and the confidence. Sure, 1D donates but their music is just pop. Nothing special. I love 1D don't get me wrong but Justin tries so hard to please his fans. Nobody realizes anything EXCEPT for the fans. There are SO MANY rumors that I have an argument to. He's young, he's a teenager. He can make mistakes. He's not known to be perfect. There are no rumors about 1D, because everyone wants to bring Justin down. The only reason they bring him down is because he is already above them. Justin knows when he does something wrong. He's Christian. He knows that he is blessed to be in his position. He stays humble and has a whole crew of people that remind him about staying humble. He's not here for the money. He connects with his fans SO MUCH. He could've said no to the whole thing, but he's here. Not to be hated on, but for the fans. Justin will always be better no matter what. I love them both, but Justin has better beginnings, and a better future. All of these things are just the ups and downs in life. He is more successful and will always be.

  • Don't go there

    I dont hate one direction I just got a lot of problems with their fans. Their fans are always like "one directions better cause there are five of them." Umm... NO! Thats what makes Justin, I dont wanna say better but I guess more talented. He's doing it all by him self and so is every other solo artist. Do you think that every solo artist is not as good as one direction? Micheal Jackson, Christina aguelera, Adele, Beyonce? And many many many more! Justin is pure talent! He wasnt made he was found! Not to start fights or anything but one direction didnt even win x factor and they werent even originally a band

  • Justin's music is better , he's cuter , and he loves music and his fans

    One direction didn't plan to be together they wanted to be solo singers. Although now they seem fine together, still their life seems full of drama + Directioners are so melodramatic. Ex: Harry styles dated Taylor Swift, suddenly MOST Directioners are sending hate to Taylor, Selena didn't get hate THAT MUCH. Most important that Justin's great songs can never be compared to the boring songs of One Direction. And he is cuter ;)

  • Yes because one direction took the easy way and justin bieber worked really hard.

    Justin bieber is way more talented and does everything by himself! ( no hate on one direction ) it's just bieber worked his way to the top and one direction got famous with the help of television and xfactor. I mean i guess bieber also got famous through television it's just he started with literally his guitar and a videocamera. While one direction entered a singing contest and got put together as a group. It seems like they had the easy way.. While bieber took the hard way which prove's that justin really is talented.

  • JB is more popular...

    Justin Bieber is better because he is more popular. Whether or not you like his music, he wins the heart of young girls internationally. His net worth is higher and he will be around for a longer time because he remains controversial. If his music career fails, he can always try acting. Not to mention, he can rap as well.

  • Justin is so much better

    Justin worked his butt off to get to where he is now unlike One Direction. Justin had 5 number 1 albums before the age of 19 unlike One Directon. Justin Bieber has a better relationship with Beliebers like me unlike One Direction's relationship with Directioners which is not me at all. So in my opinion Justin Bieber is soooo much better than One Direction... I LOVE YOU FOREVER, JUSTIN... P.S. Justin has a heart for sick/ill/"poor" families and children. HE HAS A HEART!

  • Justin is just better okay

    Justin is, first of all, hotter than anyone is one direction. Second, his music is like a bazillion times better. In all honesty, 1D has been around for like what, almost three years now? They have one hit song. In the first three years of Justin's career? Two number one albums, a very successful perfume, a wildly popular movie, sold out MSG in 22 minutes, 5 number one songs, and a sold out world tour. So suck it one direction, Justin has more talent than any of you do in the tip of your pinky toe.

  • One Direction is REAL

    Okay the last time I checked, Justin was wearing more jewelry than actual clothing. The boys of one direction never wear jewelry like that because they are normal. They are down to earth guys that are blessed to have the opportunity to do what they do every day. Justin used to be like this.'c but let's face it; he has changed and not for the better.

  • This is untrue

    Justin Beiber did NOT work harder than one direction because all he did was upload videos to YouTube. Lots of people upload videos to YouTube but he was lucky enough to get chosen. One Direction had to work their way up on the X-Factor and even though they didnt win Simon thought they were so talented he got them a record deal. And even after that they had to work hard to get noticed and make a hit single, which they successfully did. They put thought into lyrics and dont have to have sex in every damn video they create. Probably why Selena dumped him.

  • 1D are good people, and have good talent, unlike Justin

    1D are for the most part good people and do not do bad or inappropriate things like Justin Bieber has been doing lately. Justin does not usually teach good lessons in his songs and they are inappropriate, and he has lately been doing many bad things, possessing pot, running through an airport shirtless, the list goes on and on

  • No because he is only one guy with talent, what happens if you multiply that by 5, amazing

    One Direction are amazingly talented, so is Justin but not like them. They are a threat to the competing music industry. They have the looks and the talents, their songs are very fun, vibrant, full of life. ONE DIRECTION is the best because they are very caring to their fans. That helps them gain even more fans.

  • One direction is so much more down to earth.

    One direction makes times for their fans, they walk on the streets to take pictures with fans, they are WAY more fun in concert, Justin is so serious and cocky, he has no fun. One direction cares about their fans and are not as arrogant as Justin I used to like Justin until he changed, he is the biggest douche and all his music sounds the same. His music isn't that bad but one direction is SOO MUCH BETTER. No doubt. And one direction is more popular than him now.

  • One Direction infection.

    One Direction, combined, have more talent than Justin Bieber. Justin being a solo artist makes it hard for him to lean unpeople, and One Direction have each other to make them sound better. Therefore, the sound of One Directions angelic male voices over power Justin's girly tone. One Direction sing like the men they are, whereas Justin sings like a girl.

  • British is Better

    One Direction--first of all, five is better than one. Second, the boys have chemistry together that makes all of us girls swoon whereas with Justin Bieber...There's nothing except for he and himself. Furthermore, Justin Bieber's latest antics show tremendous disrespect for a country that built him and show immaturity and disgusting behavior. He is a disgrace for the music industry. One Direction has not done anything like that.

  • Justin bieber sucks and he sounds like a girl

    One direcon is better because they sound like a boy not like a girl and they made good sounds that do not sound stupid hey yo one direction you guys are awesome and not you Justin bieber Justin bieber you suck I hate you sound like a little girl bye

  • Lots of reasons

    I think that both are good but you really can't say that Justin is better or One Direction is better. I like both and none of them are better than each other. I like Justin because of his style, it is really cool like his style of pants and snapbacks, make you want to drool. So is One Direction but I prefer their faces. They are so beautiful and sexy and their music is amazing. Most of the time it makes me cry.

  • The answer is simple

    Five sexy men with admirable characters who advertise themselves for who they are, or one pot smoking boy who is accustomed to fist fights with his neighbors and labels himself as "down to earth" ? If you choose the later you may want to rethink your choice in men- immediately.

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Anonymous says2013-08-30T15:37:06.280
Justin is better!
leestyleslee says2015-04-03T22:12:31.213
UhmmM excuse me??? Justin has a heart my arse!!! Hell no!! I say One direction is way better! Not just because they're cute and have amazing voices but because they are themselves and down to earth and just aggg I don't know how to sum it up, cause words ain't good enough!! Lol I find it find it funny and ironic how one can say Justin Bieber is caring towards his fans hahahah funny stuff. I don't know about you but spitting on a fan is definitely not a sign of affection heheh aww hell naw! Justin Bieber is just arrogant, cocky and full of himself! Ever wonder why Selena dumped him?? People wake up! Your idol is not who he seems! And stop hating on One Direction! I swear you'll see eternal World War 3!!!!! Btw(yhat means by the way) ONE DIRECTION ALSO CARES!!! Oh gosh! Haven't you heard of that thingy they did to raise money for something relief to help people with unfortunate lives?? Lol ohhh wait for this!!! Justin Bieber once said even Anne Frank would've been a Beiliber(I dunno how to spell it! Sue me) he's so insensitive though! Oh my gosh, Justin just kills me thou