• Yes, yes, yes and YES!

    Of course, how can anybody doubt it? We can all see that he was too young to be given such publicity, such riches and attention on T.V. He doesn't understand what reality is. The power went to his head and caused much delusion in his young, niave mind -- so he has turned to drugs. You've only got to look at past celebrities and musicians for proof (not naming anybody) -- it's very rare that they come back around.
    Bieber will very likely continue on this path and watch his career go down the drain, and eventually his name will not appear on T.V anymore ... Until in about 10 years from that time and he is found in some alley way homeless and broke.

  • Yes, I think Justin Bieber is destroying his carrer with pot and alcohol.

    While Justin Bieber remains very popular even with all his drug problems out in the public I feel eventually either he will end up injured because of it or his fans will start to drop off when they start to see what he has turned into in recent years, so I think it could very well destroy his career.

  • Yes, Justin Bieber is destroying his career via drugs.

    I think that Justin Bieber is destroying his career by his usage of drugs and alcohol. While he still has some fans, it is clear that he isn't doing anything positive for his career by being addicted to pot and alcohol. Those vices have been the cause for some of his run ins with the law.

  • Yes more than probably

    The things that Justin Bieber are currently doing are probably not helping his career here in the United States of America as well as Canada and the rest of the world. It is also how the media gives the image to its audience as well. They could make things even more negative.

  • Justin Bieber won't destroy his career with drugs, so long as he doesn't get himself killed.

    Justin Bieber isn't destroying his career with pot and alcohol, he's destroying his life. His fans are die hard young teen girls who will love him even more for his new bad boy persona. The only threat that exists from his behavior is if he gets himself killed, that'll end his career but the drugs themselves aren't going to scare away his listeners.

  • not at all

    no, if you look at a whole lot of the musicians that are out there right now, they alll are into drugs and alcohol and they are still found to be some of the most liked music players in the world. It looks as if the people do not care.

  • Any publicity is good publicity.

    If we look at celebrities outbursts of negative behavior, we find a common trend that they become more popular than ever so. A good example would be Miley Cyrus and how everyone made a big fuss over her behavior and attitude. If we're talking about his career in the sense of popularity then no he is definitely not ruining his career but if we are talking about having a good image and being respected in his career then yes.

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