• Yes he is

    Justin Bieber has more views on Youtube than Micheal, He has multiple dance moves instead Micheal uses the same ones. Justin has different types of music while Micheal uses the same type of music. Justin won a hall of fame award and other awards. Justin worked with the greatest musical artists who ever lived. Justin will become legendary on day just like Micheal, they both have alot of fans.

  • He is a born star..

    He is a person who has risen from nothing only because of his talent and hardwork and has got everything needed to be a star and even greater to be the king of pop,sure michael jackson was great and one of the best.But only justin is the one who can take his place and he already is the prince of pop.

  • Yes he is

    Justin Bieber has multiple dance moves. He has different types of music and Micheal uses the same type of music. Micheal uses the same dance moves. It's getting really old. He recieved the same type of awards that Micheal has. Justin worked with the greatest musical artists who ever lived.

  • Yes he is

    Justin bieber is freaking amazing and everyday he continues to grow into a more mature adult. America could learn alot from him. Michael Jackson is just a washed up artist who hold his children over balconies and bleached his skin and ruined his nose because he wasn't comfortable in his own skin.

  • Justin owns pop music, the former king has died

    Just started his career eight years ago and it has a net worth of 220 million Michael Jackson didn't start a solo career where you reach Pham until after 16 years in the industry. Michael's last tour was netting him 2.5 million a show. Justin made 3 million a concert. He also became famous off of a home-video overnight. He has more money than Jennifer aniston, Robert dinero and brad Pitt, legends in acting... People love and hate him so much baby which has over a billion views is the most liked and disliked video on YouTube/vevo

  • Justin owns pop

    Justin started 8yrs ago & worth $220 million gets $3 million a concert where Michael Jackson was getting 2.5 for last gig per concert. Michael didn't hit fame til 16 yrs in business just instant hit at home YouTube video. Baby, holds the record for most liked and disliked video of YouTube/Vevo, with over a billion views. Justins got a long promise career in front of him his constant media debauchery hasn't effected him on bit. A lot of people weren't Jackson fans til again til after the legend died bc of molestation and child abuse allegations as well as his dramatic turn from a black male to white female.... Justins got mighty big shoes to fill as Michael Jackson is a legacy but he's well on his way to top it

  • Hes a pisces

    He has the ability to influence others with him music and creativity just like me sha fromgieco...When I first saw his movie I was inspired deeply, most males are just jealous of his looks ,money,success,and talent he has u don't but I never really had yo be jealous cause I have his talent which is the most important of all do they could get me the other three atributes

  • He could be

    When Justin Bieber first came out you could tell he was goin places and you could just sense that he loved music and absolutly enjoyed doing this because he loved it. It should matter what he dress like and his music style is nothing like MJ or any other artist he was unquie and special and he's grateful for it. You guys say he's not graceful have you not seen him dance he didn't just learn it it came natural to him, just like his talent. And if you say he's not talented then what do you call talent? Because Justin can dance, sing , play piano , drums, guitar, flute, and trumpet. And if that's not talent ( which it so freakin is!!!!!!) then talent obvious doesn't exist because he might not be the exact definition of talent or talented but he's pretty freakin close, so just shirt up and face that you got him so wrong.

  • He is proving haters wrong by making great music

    Justin may not be the most loved celebrity in the music industry, but unlike other pop singers, he isn't sticking with the same genre. He is broadening his creativity and experimenting with different genres of music. He has really creative ideas and I think he will attract less preteens into his music and more young adults. And not only does he not lip synch, he actually has a good voice and can sing. He knows how to be himself and not let the media affect his performance in music. I think he will do great things in the future, despite his recent mistakes in the media the past year. He will find his way out of the hole

  • He's Vick tbf

    G g yen that mr money he's so X don't I don't think that he can achieve as much but in a way he is so much better in the way he priests himself maybe now nirvevert but sh tbyrbfyj th tbf t tvtvgvtvtvy y y h y y y

  • Tallent yes but body of work tells all

    Body of work and forrunner to videos, Coriografy for many artist. Beonce claimed he gave her inspiration. Bieber's mentor danced with mj at mj birthday celebration. Just like Elvis inspired the Beatles, Says Lennon. Many artist dream of being as hard working and talented as mj. That relentless perfection be it coriografy or music or timeless longgivity can't be duplicated by many if any. The title Liz Taylor gave me or King of R and R bestowed to Elvis or even Master of suspense to Sir Alfred Hitchcock stick like glue to those that can't be replaced ever. Bieber's very talented but never will over shadow mj it's a hard, Hard, Hard act to fallow. Then last but not least morfizm mj was first in videos it was just the time and he seized it.

  • Lol why people so duuuum

    Alright people, Mj is the king of pop and no hate to jb [mj wouldnt], But alooooooot of hate to jb fans. JB himself claims mj is the one, But the kid[him]is not my son[prince of pop].
    And no, Jb is not prince of pop


  • Justin Bieber can’t be the new king of pop

    No one could be as great as Michael was
    He was one of kind, Even the brother that didn’t like him a lot said it! He was one of a kind. People like this only come once. Michael will forever live on and no one can ever. E h!

  • No the fuck he aint

    If you say that justin bieber is the new king of pop then you obviously have something wrong with ur brain dumbass cunts! Justin bieber isnt nearly as talented as mj! At the age of 8 mj was singing hit songs like whos loving you! Fuck you dumbass cunts who say he is the new king becaus

  • Nope he is not- never ever ever

    Justin has vomited on stage, Pissed in a bucket on stage and ignores his fans. Whereas Micheal has broken so many records and owns many awards. Justin called off shows when he felt slightly under-the-weather, Whereas Micheal performed when he was so ill from lupus he could barely move. Micheal has done lots of charity work whereas Justin? Not so much. . . . The legacy Micheal has is proper justin’s isn’t. And at both of their peak times (in popularity) Micheal was known at a larger age difference and gender. While TIPICALLY Justin’s fans were love crazed teenagers

  • No he is not the king of pop of course

    Justin bieber is just a singer with not really good voice. He does not even dance. He cannot be compared with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was is and will be forever the king of pop. He became famous without the internet and the other social media. On the other hand Justin bieber became famous through instagram and things like that. . . Thus he is just a young singer whose name will be forgotten in a some years. On the contrary Michael still influences people with his AMAZING potential in dance and sing. So my opinion on this matter is that there is only one real KING OF POP and this is MICHAEL JACKSON OF COURCE!

  • Long live the king

    Michael has won many awards and was dubbed King of pop. He has more fans than Justin and will always have billions of fans. Michael has impacted this world and changed it in many ways. On the other hand in my opinion, Justin is rude to his fans and really doesn't deserve what he has because of it. As he pushes away his fans, Michael embraced them. Micheal will forever be the king! We miss you so much Michael.

  • Hell no wtf

    Michael is and will always be the king of pop. . . He inspired so many singers, Dancers and so justin. Maybe justin can sing and dance but not as good as michael jackson. There is no such word as "the new king of pop". Well I'd say michael was first ehhehe :)

  • No no no no

    Michael Jackson was here before Justin bieber and was already called the king of pop so there for he still is and always will be forever and ever and ever and ever so that is my opinion sorry if I offended anyone. . . Oops sorry so thanks for asking :) have a nice day

  • Michael the true King of Pop

    Justin is good no doubt to that but, Michael is the true king of pop there are better artists than Justin and even they don't ever come close to Michael. People who say that Justin is the new king of pop need to get some music knowledge because they don't anything about.

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