• Well, lets look at the facts

    Smoking the devils lettuce is very bad. Everyone knows the marijuana gives you a 0.5 percent chance of death, and dozens of families are ruined every decade, but i believe that its not to late to say sorry, and if you dont know what i mean than your just a little baby. E.L

  • Of course, he's wrong.

    He's a celebrity, and singer. And when the children love him they can follow his bad habits. So, he must keep his good image in the world's eyes if he want to keep his good career. Also, if you want to do your bad habits, don't show it on the public

  • He sure is

    He is supposed to be a role model for younger kids to look up to. So what if it was just one time. One time too many. He is supposed to be representing the younger generation. So many girls are in love with him and want to do anything he does. He should be setting an example to younger girls and boys.

  • It's illegal, extremely unhealthy, and sets a terrible example for young kids.

    In today's society where all you see and hear on TV and on the radio is drugs and vulgarity, it's necessary for children to have a role model who behaves decently and do not choose to break the law and partake in seriously unhealthy and dangerous actions. Besides that, if the rest of us aren't allowed to be above the law, nor is he.

  • Yes

    He built up this group of people who were loyal to him, and he is letting them all down. People are CUTTING themselves so bad, and it is not fair to them to have their lives thrown away because their role model made bad decisions. He is not even taking a stand in this madness for people whose hope he is killing. Why is his album called "Believe" if there is nothing to believe in anymore? I used to adore Justin. But now I am just crushed that he would do that. He hurt everyone that he said he never would.

  • Yes

    Justin Bieber is a role model to the people who enjoy his music. The vast majority of these people are children, 8-16 year old girls, therefore, for him to smoke marijuana is a horrible example for the children that look up to him. It's the same as when a child sees their big sibling smoking a cigarette and feels the compulsive need to be like them.

  • Yes.

    He is a role model, and he shouldn't break the law. He caused a lot of girls pain with them cutting in response to his smoking. If you are going to be a role model, try to follow the law and think about others. He ruined many lives with this and also hurt his reputation.

  • Yes

    Think about all the people that look up to him. Even little kids such as 6 year olds do. Even though it is a "common" or "not that bad" drug doesn't mean he should do it. Most idols these days are teaching the younger generation that it's okay to do drugs, and one drug can lead to another and threaten their lives or others.

  • Yes.

    Just because it is a "small" drug doesn't mean it is okay. The person who made the phrase 'rules were men't to be broken' was and is wrong, we are supposed to obey the laws of the land. And just because a lot of celebrities do worse drugs(said angelface) that doesn't justify him smoking an illegal substance. You all act if he is the most amazing person ever born even though in a few years, no one will give a crap about him. He'll be forgotten like most 'stars'.

  • Yes, he is wrong

    Smoking may be legal where Justin is from, but he smoked weed in a place and a way that is illegal He is also setting a bad example to young people that it is acceptable to flaunt the law. The effects of marijuana will have negative consequences for his career because it also may contribute to being less productive.

  • Marijuana is harmless and safer than alcohol

    Smoking weed hurts nobody. "omg! Save the kids!" grow up you whiners, save the kids from seeing daddy drink a beer too while your at it! Marijuana is harmless and safer than alcohol. It was made illegal by racism and propaganda. Nobody beats their kids after smoking a joint !

  • Marijuana is harmless and safer than alcohol

    Smoking weed hurts nobody. "omg! Save the kids!" grow up you whiners, save the kids from seeing daddy drink a beer too while your at it! Marijuana is harmless and safer than alcohol. It was made illegal by racism and propaganda. Nobody beats their kids after smoking a joint !

  • Not your place to judge if you dont know the facts

    He is obviously not wrong for smoking weed actually he should be applauded. If his fans have a problem with it who cares his fans don't make decisions for him the only opinion he should care about is his family's. And on the fact weed is actually really healthy for the mind and body so who knows maybe he has a problem or he is just smoking there is nothing wrong with that. Its not a gateway drug either anyone who says that is ignorant and their opinion doesn't matter because there basing their opinion on a statement from 1960 when it was illegal so why is it legal now?

  • Uh... Who cares?

    Why would this matter in the slightest? Hell, it might actually make his music less putrid. Probably not though. As for his fans, if I was a parent, I'd much rather have my kids smoke weed than listen to the awful, brain numbing music like the crap Justin Bieber creates.

  • No. We all need to learn.

    Firstly, I'm not even a belieber. I don't even smoke weeds or cigarette. I don't even drink. We all should know that people live their life differently and what you get and see from them is really not what they really are. I'm not saying that Bieber is bad, don't get me wrong. It's just that people learn differently, and now Bieber learned that well probably smoking weeds is bad for his reputation. Curiosity, everybody has that feeling. Everyone will explore things they want to know. I personally think that's okay. It's your life, you choose to do something and you'll pay for it. Basically, that's how we learn. Incidentally, Beliebers who cut themselves are just plain stupid and that's how they learn too. Personally, I think that people shouldn't violate themselves at any cause. ever.

  • No

    It's his life, why should he change it to make other people's lives better? Besides, it wasn't even Justin Bieber smoking weed, it was his look-alike. And also, if parents think that he is a bad role model, then parents should be the one keeping their kids away from his doings. Why should he have to change?

  • No.

    Justin Bieber smoking weed is currently the biggest incentive that pot heads have to not smoke weed anymore! On the other hand, if weed really is a gateway drug then Bieber will surely start doing other hardcore drugs which will surely end up killing him, and isnt that really what everybody wants?

  • Of course not.

    Justin Bieber, failings as a musical artist aside, is an adult. Illegalities aside (because marijuana shouldn't be illegal in the first place in any place that alcohol isn't illegal) it is entirely his decision as an adult to make. It is not anyone's place to judge him for his personal decisions.

  • No, He Isn't Wrong

    Justin Beiber is not wrong for smoking weed. It is a choice he made and there is nothing wrong with it. He is from Canada where weed is allowed to be smoked and is legal. I see no problem with him smoking marijuana at all. They need to leave Justin alone.

  • No Justin Bieber is not wrong for smoking weed.

    I think it is only natural for an eighteen year old to experiment with different things. Just because he is a famous pop star does not mean he is not human. I am pretty sure most of the people saying he is wrong for smoking weed were just as wild at his age, the only difference is there was no cameras following them around.

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