• Lost the count how many times she had to be saved

    Seriously, For an action anime the FMC is complety pathetic. I know Rumiko likes the trope of damsel in distress, But while Akane was one too, At least Ranma 1/2 had good comedy.
    I think 90% of the anime consist in rescue Kagome of random villains and the minions of the main one. Pityful.

  • Pretty much just a love triangle damsel in distress.

    Kagome has her moments when she actually contributes to fights by having a couple arrows fly but one thwack and she's down for the count until the episode's fight is essentially over. Not to mention she cries for almost all horrible situations as if the Feudal Era wasn't already hard-core, No need for softies. People say she is needed for this anime but remember, The anime is called Inuyasha, Not Kagome. 🤷‍♀️

  • She is useless and selfish.

    Kagome had ALWAYS been saved by someone, Especially inuyasha. She hardly ever used her arrows except for purifying, I can remember her using it max. 5-6 times in the whole series. She is also selfish, Like I mean it, For example, When she was with kikyo she always acted nice with her so inuyasha could like her more, And said that inuyasha loved her (kikyo), Although she knows that inuyasha loved her too (kagome). The only reason inuyasha loves her, In my opinion, Is that she looks like kikyo. And after kikyo dies inuyasha and kagome got married. Okay, Theses are not the only reasons, There are more, I tried to write in short words. 😉

  • She is selfish & useless

    Kagome had been always saved by Inuyasha, If a fight starts, Alll she does is hide with shippo and leave Sango, Miroku and inuyasha fight. She ALWAYS acted as she was the best, In other words she is selfish, When she was captured or with a villain she would keep talking with them untill she persuades them that they can't do what they are doing, And with her magic words she purified everything. By mentioning "purify" she never used her arrow, Maybe once or twice, Or only to purify things, She just holds the arrows and bow to walk in the streets to make ppl think she is a REAL priestess. Mmm. . . 🤔

  • Kagome had potential but it was put aside for the dumb love triangle and damsel in distress act.

    Kagome is a 15 year high school from a peace modern era so no fighting experience, Needs a lot of work done, Understandable.

    First part
    - sensed the spell Kikyo put on inuyasha and rushed over to get help
    - had demonstrated stepping up and helping people in need. For example, Jumped into a strong current river to save a drowning child
    - improvisation- used the demon bird power of regeneration Against it, Tied its last body part to an arrow that was attracted to the clearly out of range bird to shot it down, Inuyasha thought she’d fail. 😆

    Found and Killed the source behind - the comb demoness, Immediately rush to the well when inuyasha or kagome accidentally brought back the possessed hair instead of putting her family in danger for their mistake, Locking the door. And since she was the only who could see the hair, She guided and Found the main hair controlling the rest. And even got inuyasha to see it by reflecting it with moonlight.
    - bravery - stood up to sesshomaru and got inuyasha to learn his sword activation thingy for humans.

    Hmm. . Anything else?

  • Yup. Completely useless.

    Kagome is one of the most useless characters in the entire series. With the fact that she, A, Is always needing to be saved, B, Is doing nothing to hone her powers, Even though as everyone else stated: she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, A POWERFUL priestess.

    Honestly, Kikyo would have been a much more interesting protagonist to follow instead of Kagome.

  • Completely useless and irresponsible

    She is suppose to be the reincarnation of a powerful priestess but even after learning this she does NOTHING to hone her skills. She's always getting kidnapped and has to be rescued, Treats the entire situation with Naraku as if it was part-time job and is always rushing off to her own time to school to take a test that she usually flunks anyway with no regards to the responsibilities she has in the past. Never admits she wrong, Abuses InuYasha, Never apologizes for making him "SIT" and her romantic rival for his affections is her own past self. She should have stayed in her own time after Naraku's defeat.

  • She just controls Inuyasha

    Let's face it. Kagome does pretty much nothing but control Inuyasha's anger. Leaving aside whether he needs it or not. She is more of a restriction then an ally. Sure she shoots a demon with a magic arrow on occasion but overall Inuyasha saves her neck a lot more than she saves his. All she ever does is tell Inuyasha to sit when he's angry.

  • Does almost nothing

    Kagome is always getting hurt and needing inuyasha to save her. She does nothing to help him in general, Unless she's in trouble also. If inuyasha tells her to run, She'll disagree once, And then gladly run away. To me, She's as bad as Sakura from naruto. Overall, She's useless.

  • She Contributes Nothing To The Story

    Let's be honest here; Kagome contributes nothing to the overall story. Her primary role is to detect Jewel Shards, Provide "humor" by abusing InuYasha, And somehow be loved and adored by every male around in spite of her many, MANY failings. Seriously, Just about anyone could fill her role in the story and do it better than Kagome herself does.

  • Totally NOT useless at all!

    She made the story go round, And she saved Inuyasha’s life a couple of times. She first came into the story with the Shikon jewel and shattered it. The story starts there! Without Kagome, Inuyasha would still have been pinned to that tree. Those are the main reasons why Kagome is not useless.
    Not to mention she has skills. She can shoot a sacred arrow perfectly on its target, While on her moving boyfriend.
    She keeps Inuyasha in a upbeat mood most of the time. She helped them gain allies for the war. And in the end she also is the one who knew the right question to ask. Even Kikyo said it herself. Ever since she was reborn she was filled with greed and even then Kagome forms a bond with everyone that is can not be replaced.

  • Kagome is not useless at all!

    Kagome is the one who keeps InuYasha in a upbeat mood most of the time. She helped them gain allies for the war, And in the end she also is the one who knew the right question to ask. Even Kikyo said it herself. Ever since she was reborn she was filled with greed and even then Kagome forms a bond with everyone that is can not be replaced.

  • If it wasn't for Kikyo not doing her job, Kagome wouldn't be in the mess she's in

    Let us examine this: Kikyo's was given the task to protect the Shikon Jewel until her death. Tsubaki put a curse on her ass where if she ever fell in love, She'd die. This stupid bitch does just that and guess what? SHE GOT CAUGHT SLIPPIN. Naraku sliced and killed her ass and she ended up having to take the jewel with her in her death ONLY for it to pop back up in Kagome's body and then we have the series Inuyasha

  • No she is not useless

    Kagome was the first female character I've ever seen in anime that was actually focused on more then Inuyasha the main character of said anime but in recent years i asked myself was Kagome the main character the first episode was more about her then Inuyasha they even made him out to be the Villian at first trying to kill him for the jewel but Kagome managed to defeat yura oc the hair shot naraku s poison cloud and shot half of his body apart plus the two of them beat many powerful demons four war gods using backlash wave and sacred arrow combo so not useless game over Kagome Haters

  • What the heck.

    She makes the story go round, and she saved Inuyasha’s life a couple of times. Kagome first came into the story with the sacred jewel, and shattered it. The story starts there! Without Kagome, the anime Inuyasha will not be here. Those are the main reasons why Kagome is not useless.

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