• Kanye Is A HERO

    Everyone arguing against this is stating things they heard in the news, which is mostly made up or twisted stories. Kanye is really not a bad person. So what, he may have an ego problem.. But that's what allowed him to reach such a high place in society. He also creates amazing music. I haven't heard one bad album by him. He continually pushes the musical boundaries. He shows that anyone can do anything.

  • He is the voice of this generation

    Kanye West has continually spoken his mind whilst being placed in a society that constantly bites its tongue and sugarcoats what it says. A person with such bravery as Kanye that boldly states his unfiltered feelings to the general public is a true role model. While sounding crass on the surface, what Mr. West says is actually respectable and typically what the majority would tend to agree with. Denouncing a man for his speech is unfair, and I believe that Kanye West is the voice of the people.

  • Please bare with me

    I know it's a hard thing to sell, but Kanye is a remarkable human being and despite his megalomania should be recognized as the best sort of hero: someone who grew up dirt poor and managed to make his way to the top through sheer hard work and networking. Kanye writes all his own music (lyrics and instrumentals), unlike most rappers, and plays many instruments, he is an urban poet and doesn't allow himself to be tied down to a particular style, isn't that the ultimate musical hero?
    Kanye may be a massive egoist, which is his downfall, but the way he creates his music? It deserves hero status, he is a truly excellent musician, and this is coming from the guitarist of a Technical Death Metal band, I know my stuff...

  • He is a hero by helping kids for fill there dreams and helping them pass and forget there problems

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  • Kanye is Jesus

    No one has ever done more for America than Kanye. He loves the everyman. He is so humble. He understands that America needs Donald Trump more than ever before. He knows how the world has changed since the swamp was drained. Thanks God for Kanye West. No one is better.

  • Speaking his mind against haters

    I would argue that going out and supporting trump is a bigger Risk to someone's career than sex change operations. So in our reality, i can say ill cut my dick off and i think im a woman and i will get a fuckin pat on the back and be able to go in a little girls restrooms. If i say i like the president, the liberal media, families and friends will fuckn kick u out the door. This is a truth war, fact vs fiction, knowledge vs ignorance, please look into the facts, check both sides, check sources, i promise you will see the truth if u allow yourself

  • Unafraid of backlash

    The true courage in Hollywood today is not to stand against Trump but to stand for him. There is no consequence for those actors who "bravely" speak out against Trump at celebrity events, but look at how those who stand up for trump are treated. Kanye has made it possible for others to speak out as well.

  • Kanye is my idol.

    He's always in a creative space and everything he does music wise is unthinkable. For example the music video for 'Fade'. His creative genius was on display for the whole album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. Even back with his 'Chipmunk Soul' production style, which was never done before it's time.

  • He's the Goat

    Kanyeezy from the very best. He was born Kanyeezy Westington and he fought off the KKK, the Nazi's, and saved the United States from Nuclear Apocalypse. He personally rapped at Vladimir Putin's birthday party and ended the Cold War. Today he makes the hottest mixtapes and I aspire to be like him. I have already started with my new studio in my basement, I hope my mom lets me use her iPhone™ on a string because that is my mic. Buy my mixtape on Soundcloud.

  • We can't fathom what he knows and what he has witnessed .

    He thought he was doing the rite thing by speaking out and not going on with his concerts. People are angry. But we as people sometimes do not understand what is going on behind the scenes. We should not judge him but try and figure out what compelled him to do this and why. Remember we sometimes don't get the whole scope of things in the media . In closing , I think that he is a hero . He spoke from his heart and more people should . John Lennon was one of these people who was laughed at , but later we found that some things he said had real truth to what was going on in the world at the time .

  • Trying to write a research paper on him right now... So hard

    Kanye's actually a piece of shit. I thought it would be easy to BS a paragraph in a research paper about how he's a "hero" or whatever, but he's actually an egotistic douchebag. He started a charity and raised a shit ton of money and then literally just stopped the charity and kept all of the money. His music is decent i guess but still as a person, Kanye is the farthest thing from a hero. He ruined poor taylor swift's moment of fame which was entirely uncalled for and he should've just kept his mouth shut. Way to go Kanye your wife is bangin and pays off your debt for you because your over priced clothing line failed because its shitty. Fuck you Kanye, Fuck you

  • Kanye sucks dick

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  • . . .

    He is arrogant, has diva antics and has assaulted paparazzi multiple time and not only paparazzi, Kim has also come into the firing line multiply times. Why would such a low pittance of a human being deserve such a title based upon that? A hero's title deserves to go to people that go beyond their personal needs to help others, Kanye is NOT by any means somebody to look up to, and to idolize. I do give the man some sympathy he has done a lot of charity work, including a basketball event. Wait… never mind he scored 106 points against a disabled team in wheelchairs “Ball is Life”. People put their lives on the line for others and they are hero's. Not Kanye west. Hero is defined as: a person who is admired or idealized for courage or noble qualities, neither of which Kanye West has.

  • Kanye West hero?

    I can appreciate the sentiment of defending your partner's honour in certain circumstances but it's very foolish when you're a celebrity already in trouble with the authorities. What I find totally confusing are Kim's reactions in response to the remarks. You can't tell me she doesn't know her boyfriend's personality. By calling him she created a situation that would hurt him because of her ego. I get the impression she's not exactly the sharpest tool in the toolbox but it could be her total brainwashing by mother Kris to garner further media attention. In any case being a wealthy celebrity doesn't give you the right to act without thinking. Kanye seems to feel that he's immune to the law because of who he is. This type of behaviour is narcissistic in nature and that of a common thug as opposed to a role model for our young people.

  • Hasn't saved a life so why does he deserve title?

    He is outspoken, arrogant, has diva antics, and has assaulted paparazzi multiple times. Why would such a low pittance of a human being deserve such a title based upon that. I don't see him jumping in front of a car for people or starting humanist revolutions. A hero's title deserves to go to people that go beyond their personal needs to help others and be an inspirational icon, leading a life free of trouble and controversy. People put their lives on the line for others and they are hero's. Not Kanye west

  • That's Far from a word to to call him.

    Kanye West? A hero? Kanye West will never be a hero after selling his soul to the Devil. A true hero would be J. Cole. I don't even respect him enough to call him Mr. West. Kanye West sold his soul and thinks that he is a god. If you consider Kanye a hero, then you are seriously nuts.

  • Haha... No way!

    How could he be a hero?! He knocked up Kim Kardashian of all people! And, who would name their child North West??!! That is so preposterous! Who should look up to him as a hero? I believe he is sort of rude and disrespectful at times also. So, no, he is not a hero.

  • He is not very polite to other people and musicians, as well as being a bad roll model.

    An example of his disrespect would be his interruption of Taylor Swift during her award acceptance speech. Yes, he may have had a different opinion, but Taylor won fair and square and Kanye West had no right to express his opinion in front of the public. Also, "hero" is an inappropriate word to use in the situation. Hero is defined as: a person who is admired or idealized for courage or noble qualities, neither of which Kanye West has. "Hero" would be somebody that people look up to, which Kanye is NOT by any means somebody to look up to, and to idolize.

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