Is Kanye West crossing the line by putting the confederate flag emblem on his jacket (yes) or is he empowering (no)?

Asked by: Sharif-Smith
  • He is hungry for attention

    If you look at Mr.Wests career you can clearly see he says and does all these controversial things for publicity. Examples: Intruding on Taylor Swift's award, making a song called new slaves in which the lyrics did not match the title, calling himself a God and titling his album yeezus. Kanye is smart when it comes to staying relevant but there is no rationale behind this shenanigan

  • N-Word Jim- GaBo!

    This n-word jim jigga boo just wants attention. The confederate flag does represent slavery because it was the flag of the confederate states who had financial motive to continue slavery. The ignorance in America surrounding slavery and the confederacy is due to the right wing's outright denial of slavery, and the left wing's replacing slavery with the holocaust in our children's history books. Kanye is simply a product of his society as stated in his fashion sense and public behavior.

  • Its not an "emblem"

    What is wrong with the confederate flag? I ask you that. What is wrong with him wearing it? If he wants to wear it then stay out of his buissness. It looks like he knows the flag isn't a symbol of slavery. All this political correctness is really turning us into a nanny state. Please all you liberals, pull your head out of your ass. Its not a hat.

  • Kayne west flag

    This flag is a losers flag - and kayne west is one of the biggest losers going - look what he married! He has no real talent, neither has she - he thinks he is so cool and has no dress sense, he can sing but nothing special , totally full of himself.

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Ragnar says2013-11-04T01:52:25.497
Third option needed...