• Assuming is bad

    Dorine, with all respect, you're a moron. Just because she wants to be skinny and look healthy, doesn't mean that she thinks that everybody needs to be skinny. You created this debate just to trash her because of that and that's sad. She has done charity and she's never done anything wrong but she's also never done anything to be compared to an idol like Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. But it doesn't mean she's a bad person or a bad idol and you have no right to trash her and say she's a bad role model. Maybe she wants to live a ordinary life while she can. Just because somebody wants to be skinny doesn't mean they think or feel that being fat is wrong.

  • She's an excellent person!

    Putting aside the fact that G-D FORBID SHE'S SKINNY (really? Couldn't someone be rude, or murderous? Is skinny the worst thing she could be?) Kate is a wonderful person. She is kind, charitable, loves everyone, never fails to show people that being a good person pays off in the end. Sure, maybe she's not exactly the best person in the world, but any day, I'd rather someone look up to a person like Kate than a person like Miley Cyrus.
    Focus on the good in people! It's usually there.

  • I think she's an excellent role model and a great princess!

    As long as Kate Middleton promotes good manners, respect for our fellow man and endorses humanitarian charities I think she'll remain a wonderful role model for Britain and the world! Today's royal family members should strive to be excellent examples to the world and serve mankind promoting peace and good will.

    So far I think Kate Middleton has done a wonderful job!

  • She has not proven herself enough.

    Sure she's pretty and poised but i don't she should be considered a role model..Why? Just after two months of giving birth she went from a healthy size 10 to size 4 in Uk or size 0 in America, this indicates that to be pretty you have to be skinny which is wrong.

  • Being "nice" doesn't mean you're a good role model

    There are plenty of better and certainly more accomplished role models out there than a woman who's only claim to fame and media attention is the fact that she married into an archaic vestige of medieval governance that went out of fashion well over a hundred years ago. The fact that she gives to charity also doesn't really make her stand out as a "role model". Are we supposed to reward people for doing things that don't make them a "crappy" person? I think the term role model should reserved for people who genuinely achieve something in their lives. A personal role model of mine, for example, would be George Carlin. There are "nicer" people out there than he ever was maybe, but he achieved something in his life which I believe should be recognised as be role-modelling worthy.

  • Lead and not follow... "manna be"

    First off I would like to start by stating how focused she is more on impressing her society than her own family. I called her a "Wanna be" for one reason, I feel that she is trying to be like princes Diana in a way. She seems to be following, and doing what the late princes was doing. You cant follow her steps. Why? Well because it has already been done and forfeited, so you should stop following your mother in laws foot steps and and try being a leader on your own.

    On the other hand I strongly believe that you can lead your own war, because you are a smart and strong woman

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