Is Kate Upton's Mercedes ad too hot for the Super Bowl?

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  • No Super Bowl Advertisement is Ever Enough

    Considering the advertisements and television shows on now, the Mercedes' commercial is nothing too sexy, or over the top. Super Bowl advertisements are expected to push the limits; it would be a big disappointment if they did not. Usually, the day after the big game, talk is not always about who won, the question being asked is did you catch the ad company X put out. This game happens once a year and if you are afraid of your children seeing Kate Upton’s commercial being too much, do not let them watch the game. If you think about it, they have probably heard and seen much more from their own parents than they ever have or will on television.

  • No, it's no worse or better than other ads

    I don't see why people are up in arms about this. It's really no worse than a myriad of other ads that we've seen over the years, or any worse than normal ads that we see on television all of the time. While should we be more worried about this ad than we are any others?

  • No, I think this is all done for publicity

    I don't think it is the ad itself, but all the controversy surrounding it more than 2 weeks before the Super Bowl is exactly what this company and ad agency wanted. If it is then shown, it gets a lot of response, and if it is not shown, it still gets a lot of response. They are all getting what they wanted. I don't think it is any more revealing than a lot of the Viagra ads on tv anyway.

  • Fake Controversy Equals Free Publicity

    A wee bit insulting to women and men, perpetuating the old stereotype that all woman need to do is rely on their sexual wiles to manipulate small minded men. Far racier fare than this has aired during the Super Bowl. It seems like ever year, someone claims their ad has be deemed to scandalous for the Super Bowl to drum up attention and viral hits without paying the giant ad fees for airing the game. Seems like that's what Mercedes is doing this year.

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