• Yes, and also a he’s a narcissist.

    I think there's a line between the arrogance he shows and being proud of what he does. He believes that anyone who doesn't recognise him as brilliant is wrong. That's arrogance. Being proud is a totally separated thing. He also estimates that his reach and influence are larger than music - which has nothing to do with his talent. The real test will be 20 years from now. Who is going to be singing his tunes?

  • Not just a rapper

    As I am quite sure Kanye West himself would like me to remind you, you is more than the most arrogant rapper today. He is the most arrogant across a broad spectrum of ego-driven industries, including food, fashion and straight out crazy. It takes a special kind of arrogance be arrogant and crazy, but Mr. West pulls it off quite easily.

  • Yes, Kanye West is the most arrogant rapper today.

    Ever since Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift, his ego has been a huge media talking point. Maybe it's just that he is more visible in this regard, but the man basically gets paid for his ego and narcissism. At some point I seem to recall him even saying that he was the next Steve Jobs - which is a rather large statement. He seems to feel as if he's brought more to the stage than some decent music and two very cute children. For someone who hasn't changed the world, taken up a stand for the greater good, or spoken up to incite positive social change, he certainly thinks a lot of himself.

  • No probably not

    I am sure there are more arrogant rappers than Kanye. There are certainly more talented rappers, that is for sure. On the other hand, he may be the most hated rapper in the world right now, so I hope the police can find an excuse to mace his crowds again

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