• Keeping whales in captivity is a bad idea.

    Keeping whales in captivity is a bad idea. The captive environment that the whales are kept in are much different than the wild environment that whales are naturally found in. The social environment in a captive setting is different than the social environment in the wild, therefore whales that are kept in captivity suffer from stress which may cause them to be aggressive towards eachother and towards humans.

  • Yes, keeping whales in captivity is a bad thing.

    I think that keeping whales in capitiviy are a bad thing. I do not think there is any benefit to have whales be kept like prisoners just for the sake of using them as entertainment props in places like Sea World. I think it is a cruel punishment for whales to live in captivity and theme parks.

  • It's inhumane and unethical

    I watched the film Blackfish (2013) and it exposed the dark side of SeaWorld. These whales are confined in tanks (bathtubs to them) when they are used to swimming up to 50 miles a day, and are forced to perform tricks for our entertainment. The fact that a few trainers have been killed by captive orcas reveal the frustration and anger that captivity causes these animals.

  • Yes, it's a horrible idea.

    I do think that keeping whales in captivity is a horrible idea. It is bad for their health, both in body and mind. They are also very intelligent creatures. Should anything with an intellect such as that of a whale be locked up their entire lives? No, it is just horrible.

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  • They are safe.

    No, keeping whales in captivity is not a bad idea, because it gives the whale a good life. A whale in captivity does not have to hunt. It will also never be the prey of another animal. A whale in captivity can entertain people and help them research the sea and animal life.

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