• His beliefs are just ridiculous.

    He believes that by saying "I have evidence for a global flood" and "the Earth is only six thousand years old," he actually has evidence. Nobody can be that ignorant of facts and nobody can call himself a scientist when they just throw the scientific method out the window in favor of a book that was never proved true, at all. He is indoctrinating kids into believing in all of his mad ideas, (ideas, not theories. Saying theories implies it is an actual possibility).

  • Just a Fool

    For everything, he refers to his magic books to prove his ideas are correct. I still can't believe he thinks the world is 6,000 years old. Did you watch his debate with Bill Nye? Everyone in the crowd was laughing at him. With people like him, kids will be brainwashed into thinking his ludicrous ideas.

  • I'll jump on the bash Ham wagon

    Ken Ham is a moron. He does not teach the Christian Faith--so he is not a pastour. And he does not use the inductive method--so he is not a scientist. He is one of those in-betweeners who has not learned that science and religion are two different things and that science cannot prove or disprove God and the Bible does not trump sensory evidence.

  • Completely delusional, Bordering insanity

    The only reason he doesn't get absolutely demolished in every debate is by using cheap, Stubborn debate tactics. He rarely comes up with a specific point, But rather repeats the same point over and over until the opponent is too frustrated to answer. Every argument consists of him telling the other person to prove something on the spot which is just not how science works. The 100 million dollar 'Ark', Aside from being a pretty cool feat of engineering, Is a complete waste of money (a good amount from the government) and serves no purpose other than brainwashing kids into rejecting science for words written by some idiot thousands of years ago. So yes, Unless he is the greatest scam artist of all time, He is indeed a moron.

  • Ken Ham is a more than just a Total Moron!! He is a danger to Society!!

    Here this guy that has absolutely no supporting definitive data for his statements!! He is just making crap up as he goes along! What is so very very wrong with this senairio is that he is paluteting the young minds of children who are too young to really know the truth! He is an idiot and needs to be stopped! The science of evolution and the world in a climate change are real and not fiction. Ken Ham even disclaimed carbon dating of elements such as rocks and items that have a finite span of time that predates his claim of "creation" and that that world is "only" 6000 years old..,.Are you kidding me he created a "total side show" that shows the ARK had dinosaurs on it!! That is such a lie on so many levels. He cannot and must NOT be allowed to speak out to young people as literally everthing that he says is ludicris and without any truth whatsoever!! I support modern science and say that Ken Ham is without a doubt the biggest liar that planet earth has ever seen!!

  • Ken Ham is ignorant ("moron" might also be accurate depending upon one's definition)

    In the videos I've seen of Ken Ham, he most often speaks quickly and with complete conviction (this is appealing to "followers" and is a trait shared by almost all preachers and/or 'leaders'). However, his arguments are often hollow or circular in nature. He seems to start with the belief and work backwards rather than letting evidence guide him to conclusions.

  • Definitely a moron.

    I honestly think anyone who believes that in a Youmg Earth and dopey shit like the flood is a moron in that area. His "ark encounter" should not be taxpayer funded unless he promotes it as fiction. I'd rather deep-throat a cactus than listen to his crap. Ken Ham is a dumbass.

  • He is not Christian

    Ok, who really believes that the world is only 6000 years old rite? I mean like we have proof its not but ok i guess the last 13 billion years of world have been erased. I guess the global flood washed out the egyptians and all the persons and the unicorns too, amirite boyz?

  • Of course he is moron

    He "believes" his nonsense. He refuses any evidence that contradicts his world view and calls his claims science and has no scientific evidence to back up his claims.

    From his own site, "By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record. "

    He is not only a moron, he is a danger because he succeeds in "converting" others to his way of thinking.

  • So if you have faith you're a moron now?

    Ok lets just put religious bias aside for this one. The man knows what he believes in, and he is doing his best to support himself. He offers fair debates with leading evolutionary scholars, and shows that there is still deviation from the norm left alive.

    But now he's getting called a moron for speaking out? Come on, be mature now people.

    I admit some people deserve the term moron because they deliberately do something unintelligent over and over again.

    But defending your beliefs is not unintelligent.

  • Ken Ham is not a moron

    His apologetics abilities seem quite basic, but he is not a moron. He is not arguing on behalf of a pseudoscience; rather, he is arguing on behalf of a truth which is denied by most of humanity. He is no more moronic than Bill Nye and the likes, though there certainly are better apologists for Creationism, such as Stephen Myers.

  • If your argument is based on consensus rather than empirical data you are no longer in the realm of science.

    To read to Ken ham and Henry Morris and other creationists is to reject the idea or that they're idiots . You may not agree with what they're writing but it would be hard after reading them to write them off as it you may not agree with what they're writing but it would be hard after reading them to write them off as idiots. Do you notice a creationist make arguments against a philosophical structures within the sciences. You'll never see a creationist attacking a scientific a lot of principle which can be empirically tested.

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