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  • What about Kiss

    What about Kiss? Detroit Rock City? True, Kiss isn't solely a Detroit band, but at the same time, neither is Kid Rock, and Kiss is far bigger (and far better, in my humble opinion) than him. Kiss has a song about the city, and Gene Simmons wrote and directed a movie about it.

  • Motown More Popular

    Kid Rock is just a punk. The most symbolic musicians of Detroit are probably from Motown origins of the 1960s. Without Motown, there is no funk in the 1970s. Without funk, there is no rap. Kid Rock is simply a rock musician. Motown bands inspired two and three generations beyond their origins. Every contemporary rapper in business today can owe Motown Records based in Detroit for the popularity of rap today.

  • He's one of them, but not the most

    Detroit music includes Blues, Gospel, Rock and Rap.Kid Rock is one of the symbols of Detroit, but not the most symbolic musician. Detroit was the home of Motown, which is more lasting and more influential than Kid Rock. Detroit music also includes Madonna, The White Stripes, Glen Frey and last but not least Eminem.

  • No, Kid Rock isn't the most symbolic Detroit musician.

    Kid Rock might be the current most symbolic musician in Detroit, but not of all time. Detroit has a rich music history that involves the birth and success of Motown Records. Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross or Aretha Franklin are surely more symbolic than Kid Rock. Motown itself is truly Detroit music.

  • Many other stars

    No, Kid Rock is definately not the most symbolic musician that has came out of the city of Detroit. One example of a more symbolic musician from their is Aretha Franklin. She is definately more symbolic than Kid Rock, who is not really listened to all that much these days.

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