• He called me a racist and discriminatory.

    He was being a homophobe so I challenged him. He denied saying he doesn't debate crackers. I have to call BS on that as he says God chooses who you ere but you choice who you like. Also, same logic, God loves all his children equality. He is living a dream and is a homophobe. All my opionion of course.

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Kilk1 says2015-12-10T04:07:54.387
Ethan14 obviously is referring to this debate of mine:
Axonly says2016-01-29T04:47:31.630
Regardless of belief, insulting someone using opinion questions is childish.
Kilk1 says2016-01-29T05:44:05.227
@Axonly Actually, Ethan14 and I know each other. He's actually just making an opinion question based off of what my opponent in the debate "The Bible teaches that certain dances are sinful" claimed. People here can discuss whether they agree with my opponent's view. Thanks for being willing to stand up for me, though!
Ethan14 says2016-01-29T23:42:37.147
He may have actually been talking about TripDebates because he said "All my opionion of course."
Ethan14 says2016-01-30T00:07:25.033
Also, Kilk1 never said he doesn't debate white people nor call TripDebate "racist and discriminatory".