Is "killing" a fetus and murdering someone walking on the street the same?

  • Killing a fetus IS the same as killing someone that is walking on the street.

    A human being starts to be made the moment it is conceived. Consider this, a bird egg. You stomp on it and crush everything inside killing the baby forming inside, (not to be confused with an egg that does not have a baby inside and only has yolk.) You wouldn't feel bad? That you just murdered an innocent animal that all it has done so far in life is develop? It's worse to do this to a human. Someone who can make a great difference in the world. What if President Lincoln had been aborted? Would people still be enslaved today? What if Martin Luther King Junior ha been aborted? Would African Americans still be considered inferior to Caucasian people? What the US focuses on the most is how to improve lives, save lives. Allowing abortion is going completely against the United States main focus. If we want to succeed as a country, we need to stop being so contradictory. And I highly doubt that anyone wants the United States to go in the direction abortion is pointing to. Which would lead to a "fact" that killing people on the street is okay. So really, they go hand in hand. They both kill people.

  • YES It very well is!

    Hitler declared Jews as non-humans and that is what your saying when you say "It is not a baby until three months". What if your mother decided to kill you when you were just under three months old for selfish reasons? Such as "I can't take care of this baby". "I don't love the father of this baby anymore". "I was raped by someone so I've decided to murder my own child".

  • Yes it is!

    I've noticed everyone that is for abortion are already born...Isn't that something? Killing a fetus is still murder. Life is life. Most ppl who say otherwise are just really looking for a way out of admitting that abortion leads to death. ALSO, ppl can be young and selfish...All of which are not and will never be a good reason to have an abortion.

  • Second one is life.

    Second one is life. A human is a human. You cannot refuse life until the age of 3 month! I'm surprised how some people cannot understand that life starts before the age of 3 month for a foetus. Killing babies is not a human right. It is a crime against humanity.

  • Yes it is.

    A human fetus is simply a human being at an earlier stage in development than you or I. Nothing suggests that it is anything other than a human. What else would it be? What would cause it to change from something, into a human, simply by leaving the mother's womb? Suggesting as much makes absolutely no sense. Dog fetuses don't turn into cats. Chicken fetuses don't turn into Giraffes. And human fetuses are human, before and after birth. And because it is human, killing it is just as wrong as killing a fully developed, adult human being. So yes, killing a fetus is just as bad as killing someone walking down the street.

  • Killing a fetus is the Same as Murdering Someone on the Street

    Yes, killing a fetus is exactly like murdering someone walking down the steet. In both situations, a human life is killed. When you kill a fetus, you kill a human. When you kill someone on the street, you kill a human. The only difference is that it is legal. Abortion is murder. Murder is a sin. Therefore, abortion is a sin. Abortion is wrong.

  • Basically yes.

    Although a mother's difficult situation that leads to abortion is quite different from randomly murdering a grown person, they are both human beings that equally deserve to live.

  • Morally, yes.

    Both are humans, so killing a developing human and a developed (depending on the stage of life, children and teenagers are still developing in the same way) human are both murder.

  • Essentially yes

    There can be circumstantial differences but basically, the same idea applies in both cases.

  • Yes.

    Killing a fetus is ending a human life that has yet to begin, but is still human life. It WILL become a life, almost assuredly.

  • One is alive, the other isn't.

    A fetus is a fetus, it is a not a person, it is not a baby, it's a fetus. A baby is a person, a fetus isn't. It needs the woman to survive, people do not rely on other people for survival. If a person needs a life support machine then disconnecting it would not be seen as murder.

    Posted by: ddee
  • A Live Person vs. Not Alive

    I'm morally against abortions, however you cannot categorize these two "killing" to be the same. A person on the street has a history. He may have a spouse, a family, a best friend, a co worker, a pet, etc. Etc. A baby has no history and nothing that would catagorize him as a living being and therefore is not the same

  • Are you kidding?

    Of course it isn't.

    Let's see. A fetus has no consciousness, it has no experiences, no memories, no hopes, no dreams, no aspirations, nothing. Painlessly aborting it before it has any of those is not murder.

    A person on the straight, be it a toddler, an old man, or anyone in between, they have. They have consciousness, they have memories, they have people they know, they have/had aspirations, and experiences. You're taking that all that away when you murder them.

    So really, abortion and killing someone on the street are not the same thing. Murder is only comparable to murder, same goes for Slavery and the Holocaust, which is what I've seen Anti-Choicers compare to Abortion to as well.

  • Both are immoral but no.

    The intrinsic value of the human is more so than the fetus. Is killing an animal the same as killing a human? I believe killing an animal is also immoral but it's somewhat an issue of rights. Fetus's are not fully human. They do have the right to live but human beings have more rights than fetus's do so no, it's not the same.

  • Blatantly not *facepalm*

    The fetus has no brain, no consciousness, no personality, no friends, no enemies, no job, no past, no present, only a possible future, definitely possibility of being a miscarriage or stillborn and has no statutory rights until 23 weeks.

    There is simply no way to make them seem the same at all.

  • No, absolutely not

    Whether or not abortion is murder, the person in the street has actual emotions, thoughts, memories, achievements, relatives, breath, etc, the list goes on. A fetus, not matter how you try to argue around it, does not "want" to live in the general understanding of the word "want." It does not know how to want something it hasn't experienced. It's like being saddened that someone lied to you even though you don't know they lied to you. I believe the abortion debate is a very, very legitimate debate, even though I am pro-choice. I can understand perhaps the reasoning behind why people would think it's "murder", but even then, you cannot compare "that" murder to killing someone on the street.

  • Two completely different things

    Seriously? The baby doesn't know if it wants to live or not, no human can remember the first two to three years of their life, more or less, all the things babies do are just naturally put into them at birth, the baby doesn't know if it's alive or not. A man walking down the street has lived a life, worked hard to stay alive, and earned his place in life, a fetus has yet to even leave the body, sperm cells are living things too, and the human body forces sperm out on a regular basis if not manually handled by the human, so the living organism nonsense is out of the equation. Also, what if they didn't WANT the baby, you know? rape exists, also, the last thing we need on this planet is more people, we can barely give jobs and food to the one's we have now, it would be shear luck if the baby actually amounts to anything by the time it grows up into the ever populating planet that we call home. You cannot provide for a baby forever, can you? you got to die eventually, and the grown up baby will have no place left because all the jobs it wanted was taken. Every country everywhere is in debt, and what if the baby was born into a bad area? Anything they do can get them killed, and putting them up for adoption and then telling the child they are adopted at some point is one of the most heartbreaking experiences anyone could have to go through. If they were killed before birth, there would be no pain, they wouldn't even know it happened because they weren't able to tell if they existed yet, they have no friends to lose like an adult would, people who love them, not everyone knows when and where a baby is being aborted, you didn't even know if it existed or not, not every aborted baby can amount to something, you could hope all you want, but the likely hood is rare. You don't care what happens to the baby after it's born, do you? you don't care what they do with their lives after their born. They could become another amazing hero or another mass murderer, or they could just be screwed with the life they are given now, in this merciless landfill called Earth.

  • No way

    HUGE difference because the human is already alive! The fetus is as well but it's still in the woman stomach. Should the doctors start giving the birth certificates just because a woman has a fetus? No they wait till it's a human. If you go that far back and say "the fetus is a human because it's alive" than that must mean every time someone masterbates they're killing a human because the sperm is technically alive. A fetus is a part of the woman therefore she has the right to do whatever she wants to it. If I chop my penis off right now am I wrong because that sperm could have made a child? Come on now that's just stupid.

  • No.

    This statement is completely false.
    First, let me say that abortion is done in hospitals and not the streets (I know, now let's move on). The fetus really isn't living until it is born, but is still unfair because it doesn't have an opportunity to express life.

    Posted by: sjps
  • The fetus is the woman's property

    Although my statement may not be popular, as far as I'm concerned, until it leaves her body it's part of her. Then it becomes a question of would you want to get something removed from your body surgically to improve your happiness? In my opinion, if it's in her, then it's not the same as killing a stranger on the street.

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