• Killing is awful

    There's this commandment...Oh, how does it go...Um...Oh yeah, Thou shalt not kill. That sounds pretty simple to me. It doesn't say thou shalt not kill, unless thou thinks it's a good idea. No. Thou shalt not kill. Our culture has become so numb to violence and death. We don't understand that when we kill someone, we are TAKING THEIR LIFE. It doesn't mean enough in this society. Killing is never, ever necessary.

  • I agree with you

    Killing someone is like killing one of your family memebers. Its a very bad crime. People shouldn't kill but nowadays more people a killing rather than getting on with their lives. I agree with you because killing shouldn't be allowed in this country or any country, as well as WAR!

  • Killing is bad

    The idea that a person killing another person should be considered bad, no matter what reason he/she had to do it, for war, religion, medicine, self-defence, science. It doesn't mean people who do that are bad people, but the idea itself is bad. This ensures co-living and will make the world a better place, for everyone

  • Do not kill

    Human life is the most precious recourse we own! We must do EVERYTHING to preserve the lives of ourselves and those around us! No matter what the crime, action, or how you feel about a person, killing is NEVER an answer to any mortal conflict we shall have on this Earth.

  • Killing is bad

    You shouldn't kill people but if there bad beat them up then call the police duh you don't have the choice to choose rather he/she dies in any situation everyone deserves a second chance at least I think so death will come to them when there time is up .

  • Yes because it's not nice.

    Yes because it's important to always be nice:) I need thirty eight more words for me to be able to submit my simple yes or no answer so I need to keep going on and on talking about my ideas and my feelings about this subject. Yay, only one more word needed;)

  • Justice, Not Vengeance

    Killing in cold blood ks wrong whether the person is evil or not, because once one person is dead, others will just keep killing and it will never end. Once you crossed the line you can never go back. That good part inside of will be destroyed, you'll ruin yourself. Think things through and don't be selfish. One death could may not affect your life but others. How many hearts will be broken, how much blood must be spilled, and no one will know this is a cycle will never end until they do the right thing. I am sick of seeing the news of seeing so many pathetic people murdering others and so many people dead, seeing friends and family cry. I really hate knives, guns, weapons etc. I just want peace. Kill only in self defence, but never ever murder for fun, anger, vengeance or any other stupid reason. Justice, not vengeance

  • It is really wrong

    Nobody has the right to take anybody's life. Plus it is just very cruel and harsh to take anyone's life. Like someone mentioned earlier it is like someone just snatching one of your family member away for ever. People can get angry for nothing but they need to sort things out with love and peace not war and crime!!!

  • My opinion is that Killing is bad

    Killing is bad because no matter what You can go stop shooting blacks for no reason no wonder Colin Kaepernick is kneeling at the games.. .YOU KEEP SHOOTING BLACK PEOPLE. BLACK LIVES MATTER and you shouldn't shoot them just because they are black. They have lives too and we need to respect that

  • It is bad

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  • No, it's really not.

    There will always - I repeat - always be circumstances where killing is needed. Furthermore though, I'm skeptical to believe that a lot of the folks who answered yes take a moment to consider all the animals that are killed for their food, clothing, and other petty spoils. So, it's not so much 'Killing is bad no matter what circumstance is done' but more of 'Killing 'humans' is bad no matter what circumstances is done. Because, clearly, humans are so much different from animals. Like being more whiny, more obnoxious, and the amazing skill to still spread misinformation and be uninformed in a world where people carry the internet in their back pocket.

    But no one wants to hear me go on a long and tired animal rights rant, so I'll go back on topic.
    For the most part, killing anyone is bad. I can agree with that. Even in war I wouldn't think it's good. But when it involves some nut job that wants to kill some people to get his jollies up, then there is no way ending them is bad in any shape or form. There is no moral gray area in stopping someone that just wants to cause harm for the sole purpose of causing harm. And I suppose if I could indulge in more animal rights nonsense that'll furthermore destroy my opinion and make people think less of me, I would also like to say that anyone that wears fur deserves nothing less than this.

    So, all in all I guess what I'm trying to say is that killing is good if it stops people from killing out of entertainment. Anything else though, even in self defense, I'm sure even those instances are quite bitter.

  • The means justifies the end - if we have to kill someone else to protect ourselves, then why not do it?

    If a serial killer has been caught, and been given the death sentence, what is wrong with that? Capital punishment exists because we are trying to protect society. If we cannot kill these people - who would not hesitate to kill others - what should we do? Keep them locked up for the rest of their lives? Why should we spend our money to take care of someone who has done nothing but harm our society? The answer is obvious to me. Those kinds of people should be hanged before they kill someone else.

    Not only that, but people in America have the stand your ground law, or something like that. The idea that, should someone illegally set foot on your property, if you feel threatened, you have the right to use force on that person. This is completely justified, and should you happen to kill the person on your property, I can guarantee that no court of law would send you to jail for that. Think about it. If anyone was in that position, what do you think they would do? Hide in their own home, and call the police? Of course not, his/her life is in serious danger. Kill or be killed, as the saying goes.

    Therefore, killing by means of protection is 100% justified, and should not be considered wrong.

  • There are circumstances where killing is ok

    If someone was trying to kill me, if someone wanted me dead, i should feel it is necessary to stop that person from killing me to protect myself, and to protect my family, when people kill for pleasure is when it is wrong, that's when someone is sick, protection, or on extreme cases revenge, is when i feel it is okay to kill.
    If someone hurts your family, police don't feel the need to take it to seriously i feel it is your duty to protect your family.

  • Killing is impermissible

    Human life is sacred and all human beings have a fundamental right to life....All human beings are henceforth equal....No one is therefore supposed to determine the life of the other ,,,,that will make that person more equal the other which is impracticable,,,its only for self defense that one can kill.

  • Fuck their lives

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  • Killing is not wrong

    Killing is not wrong because of the way we see it. We see killing as un beneficial for us, and that we are taking away the life of another human being, and that is why we see it as wrong. But killing is not actually wrong. As soon as it is required, or it becomes beneficial for us humans we will kill without a thought. For example when people say you can kill in self defence why is that? Because it is beneficial for you. The act of killing itself is not wrong. It is just the meaning of it that we humans give. We think that it is wrong, to deny some one of their right to live but it is actually the meaning us humans give it. Also, killing is just another part of life. It is another 'thing' that is there to happen. Just like we eat, drink or breathe killing is another thing that is supposed to happen.

  • No killing is fine within reason

    Going around killing people for no good reason isn't ok but doing it to protect your life and others is ok, even if it is abortion its ok. A teenager or even older shouldn't have to deal with a child she doesn't want. Sending it to an orphanage can be even worse, they underfeed their kids and abuse them. Some orphanages even kill off unwanted kids, doing that is wrong. So its your choice if you want the kid or not honestly, killing is ok in a justified sense

  • Not Always, No

    Defense of self and defense of family are reasons justifiable for killing. However, in practically any other circumstance taking human life would be morally reprehensible in my opinion. A human life is immensely precious a thing and only something equally precious, such as the direct defense of another human life, can justify the destruction of it.

  • Let's go back a while!

    Let's go back to ww2! All those Jews kept in them concentration camps. Tortured then killed! The leader of them was eventually killed in the way they were to prove to him he was wrong! So you saying it's wrong to kill the leader of that horrible place? And you've got self defence? If someone was about to stab you what would you do? Just let them kill you? I wouldn't I'd fight back!

  • The topic is irrelevant.

    Killing is not specified to a specific object, therefore the killing of plants, bacteria, or other organisms is universally justified as moral, by all societies. This debate topic should be revised to a smaller range of possibilities, and a more specific question should be used in place of this one.

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