• In some cases, it can be.

    Even though killing is a bad thing, there may be some cases where it is the only way to survive. What if your friend was about to be killed by a man with a gun, and you yourself have a gun. What would you do? Would just stand there and watch your friend die or shoot the person who is about to kill your friend.

  • Yes .... Some people need to die!

    Sometimes people do such horrific acts that the scales can never be balanced. Serial killers / sex offenders why do we keep these people alive at a cost to the tax payer. If someone does something so horrible to you or your family I think you would be justified in taking the ultimate sanction.

  • There are people that do deserve to die

    I do believe that they are people that deserve to die.

    The world is filled wth monsters, serial killers and people that have no respect for you life.

    If i had a child, I don't care what you will say, but if someone killed my kid i wouln't have a clear conscience as long as he lives. ( Im talking about a murder, not an accident ).

    Don't talk about God and the ''Thou shalt not kill'' commandement because it means the in the end, the wicked get what they deserve (Hell ).

    But the thruth is that we don't know. We don't know if Hell and Heaven are real and I am not gonna just stay there because the guy might get punished in some supposed afterlife . Before thinking about Man the son of God, I think about man the animal. You kill a person's child? Get ready for the consequences.

    ''Oh, but killing him is wrong!, Put him in prison''.
    Yeah, and when he kill another after he has done his time what are we gonna do ?

    The real question is not whether or not kill is sometimes justified. The real question is, are you willing to do this ?

    Even if you know the man has done unspeakables things and will continue to do so, killing a person is not easy.

    And even if you are willing, are you ready to face the consenquences? That person might kill you or you might go to prison, is it worth your life ?

    It sucks big time, but we live in a world where innocent people are always attacked and we are told that it is wrong to get rid of it.

    Sorry if you don't agree but life is too short to endure people like that.
    There are things to have to be done.

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  • Yes and I will give two reasons why.

    Two reasons why killing another human can be justified are number one because if it is in the case of war killing civilians should never be killed but rather the soldiers fighting the war. Number two if it is in defence of you or someone else I would say that would be acceptable because your trying to preserve your life or someone else's.

  • It's sometimes is.

    I think killing is SOMETIMES just, because of self defense, defense of family and friends, and in the law of karma, by "in the law of karma" I mean if someone is a horrible person and they really REALLY deserve it. But killing, and war, or even hunting, in my opinion is not just. But, that's jut my opinion. I'm a pacifist, so it's not just to me in MOST cases, but in a few, very few cases it is just.

  • In some cases, it is justifiable.

    I think that killing is justifiable in specific circumstances. For example, if you were attacked and accidentally killed someone or injured them to an extent to which they were sure to die, or if someone were in extreme pain and wanted to be killed, I think that such a deed should be allowed.

  • YES Self Defense is OKAY

    It is human instinct to defend yourself at all lengths to sustain life and all of you who are saying no not ever should one take another's life I can promise you that if you were being attacked and someone was trying to choke you to death you would reach for that vase and smash him over the head or what ever object you could reach would become your weapon and believe me you will not try to be gentle when the assailant is squeezing the life out of you.

  • Can killing ever be be morally justified ?

    I Think we can all agree that there are some people who are truly evil and that the world would be better off without them. I think it depends on the situation, and how you define evil. It also depends on what the person has done. It has to be pretty bad, because ending another's life sometimes isn't called for.

  • Can killing ever be justified?

    I think can killing can be justified but only in the worst of situations, like Ellie and her crew faced. No one should ever be able to take the life of another child or human being. If someone is threatening your life and self defence is no longer an option, then killing is within your rights.

    Personally I am not a big fan of killing, but in some cases it can be justified. As long as your life or someone else's life is at risk, you definitely have the right to stop another human from doing so.

    Although the morals say that killing is strictly against the rules and laws, some cases are justifiable. In a war situation, you are being trained mentally, psychologically and physically to cope with the different circumstances and barriers the war brings. You are there to defend your county and if it means killing, then it has to be done.

  • Killing should never be justified.

    In certain circumstances people will argue that killing is justifiable due to self defense, revenge, punishment or even banishing someone "Evil" from the world. We will never evolve into something great if killing is our first option for everything. Killing is becoming more socially justifiable with terrorism, wars, attacks and so on; but how will future generations ever progress onto something positive from something so negative being fully justifiable? You can never justify the fact that you are a good person for killing a bad person.

  • Taking someone's life is never justified.

    It's not our decision to make to end someone's life. There has to be a way to try and rehabilitate or help. Killing makes us killers, which isn't any better than what some people are against.
    Today's shooting ended up in a death, it doesn't matter anymore if she "deserved" it. Who can say you were right? You will always be wrong, you can't be proved right, she's not alive anymore to be judged.

  • Killing cant be justified

    People can argue that you can kill in self defense, but even then how are you any better than the person tying to kill you. Technically you tried to kill a person, and you did, what more is there to say. No one should take another persons life. If you could kill a person in self defense then everyone would go around killing, because they looked at you in a threatening way

  • Is all a domino effect:

    The first thing for me to say is that no one should not take another person's live. Like the title says this is like a domino effect. If a person doesn't thread a another, that person doesn't get killed. People needs to deal with their actions and learn how to control themselves. If the human being can learn how to live in harmony no weapons would be used in humans, it will only be used for hunting. But this is not that type of world. So we have to live with the killing and hating that is around us. My best advice is that your friends can be your worst enemy. I just get to see a case like that this week

  • I we kill, then we become hypocrites.

    If we kill to get rid of those that are 'evil', then we are doing the exact same thing as what they would do. We would become hypocrites and sink to their level. If we thought the worst about them, then we would have to think that way about ourselves too for if we killed, then we would be just as bad.

  • Killing is wrong

    People who kill people are evil, no matter who, how, what, why, or when they kill. Heck, killing in something like a video game should be criminalized, it's still killing. People who commit such crimes should be given the death penalty. Killing people is plain wrong, and I hate everyone who kills. God, Jesus, and the Angels will hate you if you kill.

  • Killing is never justified, regardless of the circumstances.

    While I do understand the "self-defence" argument, killing is always wrong, and, as many of you have already said, it is forbidden by the bible and in not a single society in history has killing ever been justified.

    Mahatma Gandhi himself once said "An eye fore an eye only makes the whole world blind." If we are striving for a world of complete justice and perfect peace, then how will we achieve such a society if people are constantly seeking revenge on the people who have hurt or killed their loved ones?

    As for the self-defence, while it's difficult to perhaps control yourself, killing an offender is most certainly always wrong; by killing a killer, the number of criminals and wrong - doers in the world stays the same.

    And executions are never justified, for many reasons; what if the prosecuted was, in fact, innocent? Wouldn't it be better to give them a life sentence in jail to keep them away from other people?

    This is a developing world and by educating people, we can teach them that killing is wrong - but how can we control or even eliminate the number of murderers (who were wrong to murder) by killing them? How can we show people that are kept in ignorance that it is always unjust to kill, despite identity, appearance or wealth? By not killing and teaching them that it is wrong - as it is.

  • How will humanity continue if killing someone is ok

    Basically if we all say that killing is ok in any sense, then that promotes things like terrorism and homoside. Killing is never ok, it is against the law and if we don't come to senses with the fact that if someone doesnt want to be killed or have their life taken away then we should just not kill them ok.

  • What will that solve?

    When you kill someone who killed your loved one, their loved ones will feel the exact same way you did. All you're really doing is satisfying your own need for revenge. Well your own need for revenge. When it's gone, will it really be enough? Is that going to do anything other than make others suffer? You have to think about this from someone else's perspective. Killing for revenge is just like drinking. Getting drunk is satisfying for a while, but the hangover just gives you time to realize that drowning your problems is only temporary.

  • Killing is wrong

    Killing the person that killed someone you love won't bring them back. It's no better than what they did to the person you lost. We teach kids that its not right to kill. So why turn around and say that "it's okay if..." the person does this or that. That's still killing no matter what and it's wrong.

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