• Murder is murder, no matter how you look at it.

    Can't believe there are people here who are justifying murder or claiming that it is a "moral right". An eye for an eye is what I've always believed in. If someone takes someone else's life, then they do not deserve to keep their life. However, murdering someone for liberty or freedom when they haven't committed murder themselves is absolutely wrong.

  • They killed Jesus to open Heaven!

    Then America is a crime, We fought for our freedom since we were America. Our Founding Father's fought and sent men out to kill British Soldiers to give us Independence. Ever since slavery was in our country some slaves will start rebellions and kill babies, women, and kids for there freedom. Even today we have boys out in the Middle East because Obama sent them their but they are fighting for America and know they will die or come home a Hero.

  • It is our moral right

    The real crime is to unlawfully deprive a person or group of their liberty. We are entitled to use violence to regain our freedom if we have been wrongfully imprisoned, captured, etc. John Locke said it is dignified for people to revolt against unjust oppression. It is better to die attempting to regain your freedom than to allow yourself to be oppressed.

  • It is not a crime.

    The person restraining someone else from being free is preventing further advancement of our world. Who knows what the slave's potential is if he is free. The man restraining him is only doing so for personal gain, not a long-term goal, and so he is obviously not contributing to any further advancement of our world. He must die, and the slave must liberate himself by doing so.

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