• Kim Jon Un of North Korea fat

    Kim Jon Un of North Korea fat. I'm sure he would tell us that our eyes deceive us, or that he is just big boned. But, you can't hide it. He's fat. Amazingly, if you were to put a blonde wig on him he would look a lot like Hillary Clinton.

  • Yes, he is.

    Just another narcissist who blows off a lot of hot air, but doesn't like it when people call him names or make fun of him...the guy is fat with a very tiny brain and a monsterously inflated sense of self worth. It's not your haircut that makes you look fat. It's your fat that makes you look fat. Don't like it?

  • He carries some weight.

    Yes, Kim Jon Un of North Korea is fat, because it's obvious in his face. A person doesn't store fat in just one place. Rather, a person stores fat all of their body. Kim Jon Un has chubby cheeks. He carries a lot more weight than his father. For these reasons, it's fair to call him fat.

  • Kim Jung is a fat man

    Regardless of any political correctness or respect and honours due to a foreign state's leader, it could easily be said that Kim Jung Un of North Korea is a fat man. This is all the more jarring when taken into account with the reports of people and groups starving to death in his country.

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