• Yes, Kim Jong Un has been making many questionable decisions.

    Kim Jong Un has been making many questionable decisions after this father died. One of these odd choices was the meeting of troubled basketball star Dennis Rodman. The ex-NBA star met with the leader of North Korea to discuss various topics including peace. Mr. Rodman is the last person to be able to discuss important matters, as his only experience has been playing basketball and partying. Now after his meeting with Rodman, Kim Jong Un has threatened the United States as a preemptive effort to protect its interests. However, the U.S. and South Korea have not shown any hostile behavior towards North Korea. In his last erratic event, he has warned the people in South Korean islands to leave before they get bombarded. If they invade these small South Korean islands, that would be a declaration of war. The US and South Korea would have to respond, culminating in America's third war.

  • Kim Jong Un Is Literally A Puppet on a string!

    Kim Jong Un represents the "supreme Leader of North Korea" and just like Adolph Hitler. The generals behind the scenes are presenting the "historical anti-imperialist" war regime which originated from Kim Ill Sung's so called "revolution". The generals are the educated slaves in this circumstance and are supplying Kim Jong Un, with authorized war documentations to start and declare war against the "imperialist nations" I.E America and the countries that literally control the U.N, well the majority of it including Russia. Kim Jong Un is actually not that intelligent to make up his mind independently.He's essentially only 23/24 years old and when kim jong un was forced by his father to attend school at 16 in Switzerland, he wasn't even interested in focusing on schooling examination work. Instead he was reading a pornographic magazine while under a false identity by his fathers own personal interests. His father made Kim Jong Il expendable because he only needed some geographical evidence to blow straight out of proportion. To declare his son a genius from his own independence of being a "higher Arch y" of the democratic peoples republic of Korea! Kim Jong Un doesnt really have a mind of his own and neither did any of the "Kim" generations they were literally all lucky puppets that got the opportunity of dictatorship from being in the appropriate place in the appropriate time. Kim Jong Un has constant assistance with everything and is being brainwashed with propaganda of half which he "honestly" believes. Him declaring he's 6 foot 9, when obviously hes not even 5 foot 4. The entire government of north Korea is corrupted the propaganda is played all the time and even with Authoritarians being in control of it they become so used to the illusion of the videos. Like Washing D.C and the American White House going down in flames, from essentially North Korea "propaganda" documentaries. Even though the military know they are lying originally they almost become so used to it that they believe its true. The brainwashing that actually occurs in North Korea is absolutely uncontrollable because its been going on for literally generations and no one can stop it. North Korea attempts to declare a war the U.N officially becomes involved no one knows their mentality because they are practically doing this for no reason. North Korea wasnt to have a beef with the rest of the globe. When all their innocent civilians are being brainwashed in virtual ignorance and starving to death literally. North Korea is going to get F'ed up in the end but who knows when they are so unpredicatable! Anyway this war occurs it will end in massive destruction and extermination of foes from both sides. But one thing will remain certain NK will lose.

  • Playing Chicken with U.S.

    I believe it's a game of bluff but could his ego and love for his grandfather make him snap if he appears weak to his peers? Am sure he was coached by father as to how to extort goods for conditional "stand downs" that are eventually negated, ignored or cast aside, having served its purpose.

  • Perhaps even more so than his father.

    I see that he is making such threats as the ones he is making, and I really have to wonder about his sanity. Now, there was a lot of saber rattling from his father, but there never anything so bad that China turned their backs on North Korea or actually going so far as to void the ceasefire with South Korea. Then, of course, there was that whole nuclear fiasco that happened not so long ago.

    I really do think that the poor guy is just too big for his britches and has gone loony. His father seemed to understand that there was a line in the sand that could not be crossed, and I'm not sure if he does.

  • Yes, he is not based in reality.

    Kim Jong Un has been making several provocative statements and gestures since he has been in control and it does make one wonder how in touch he is with the reality of his country, especially its poverty. His country is not at all able to pose a serious threat to the United States without the United States putting a rapid end to whatever he is doing. All he can really accomplish is being an eternal thorn in everyone's side while he bolsters his own prestige.

  • Yes his auctions show he is unstable.

    Kim Jong Un has already shown that he is a trouble maker and wanting to escalate problems. Since he has been outside his country he knows that what he is doing will cause more problems for his people. These are not the actions of a stable person. I hope that this is just an act to show he has power and to solidify his position, but I am not sure this is the case.

  • He's not crazy, just smart.

    As outsiders we're only looking at it from our point of view. From his point of view, he was first seen as weak when taking power after his father's death. There was probably a chance that the major power players were going to make a power play for the top spot, because he appeared too young for the position. By appearing crazier than his dad, it projects strength against potential political adversaries. The people probably love everything he's done because they can look at their military and their recent "advances" with pride for their country and their "fearless leader". In addition, western countries in the past, have given aid and food for concessions North Korea made concerning weapons development. He continues to appear powerful, and his people get free food. People from western nations think he's crazy and their comments feed his propaganda narrative, which again, makes him relevant.

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