• Yes! Definitely! Absolutely!

    She is a shallow, attention-seeking whore. She just has to show her grotesque boobs and even more grotesque arse to all the world. Without makeup she is not pretty at all. Her skin is very sallow and she has racoon eyes. She's completely talentless and talks like a robot. She cries like a little girl when she can't get her own way. Grow up Kim!

  • Yes she is

    Kim kardishian is a very narcissistic person even for Hollywood. She desires to be in the spotlight even to the point of giving her baby a outrageous name. Her husband is even crazier than her as shown by making a handicap person stand up in one of his concerts. Another example of Kim's extreme narcissism is when she had her wedding at the Palace of Versailles. She and her sister were reported to make comments to her brother over his weight problem. This report shows that she would even throw her brother under the bus to remain in center stage.

  • Certainly has traits of Sociopathy

    Recent research has established a strong link between frequent selfies and Sociopathy. I would certainly not characterize her as being benevolent, generous or magnanimous either. When her grandiose sense of self worth and entitlement is combined with her dubious charitable track record, self-serving lifestyle and near complete deficit of appreciable skills, abilities or talents, it firmly places her as a fine candidate for the diagnosis of Narcissist or even a full blown Sociopath. At the very least, she represents just about everything that is wrong with the parasitical celebrity and celebrity culture of our current era.

  • Women is high in her @$$

    She is so self-centered, when we think of narcissism at school she is the first person that comes to mind. It is really hard to make a case that she isn't cause she searches herself to see if her latest "room selfie" has been uploaded! :D :D :D Ah That makes so little sense.

  • No, of course not!!!

    Just because she's 100% prettier than you'll ever be doesn't make her narcissistic, I'm pretty and I show it off all the time does that make me narcissistic? No, that just means I know I'm better than you'll ever be. You guys are just jealous because you're not as pretty as someone like me or her.

  • She's just self centered.

    As a beautiful human being, I can say that being self centered comes with beauty, nothing can change that. If you see grandeur as narcissism, then you haven't seen the DSM-5s listing for narcissism, and if you have, good for you. It is not only about my opinion, it is about if you are smart and agree, or retarded and don't

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SamStevens says2015-09-08T00:31:15.853
I concur, Kim Kardashian is narcissistic.
Hanspete says2015-09-08T00:32:43.050
You are on fire tonight
SamStevens says2015-09-08T00:39:56.117
Is that bad?