• Of course she is

    She is the social media queen of the world, an icon for all people, contour queen, the most famous reality t.V star in the world. Married to a very famous rapper and has realsed two apps which have broke the app store. Of course she is relevant stop saying she isn't

  • Unfortunately, she always will be.

    Kim Kardashian is something of a popular icon. Whether we like her or hate her, she will be in the news to those of us who are living and relevant to this generation. Whether it be her weight gain or weight loss, ne husband or new boyfriend, we will always hear about her in the news.

  • She is a hag

    She has nothing to bring. Her and her family are just trash. Not any talent in any of them they must pay a PR person millions to keep their name in the news. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that what they stand for is anything other than money and self promotion. Theyd all be walking the streets without all the stupid people.

  • She should not be relevant at all

    She is more useless than an average human being. How on earth did she even get famous? Her nudes? Money? Those are no real reasons to be famous.
    I do not usually dislike any celebrities, but for Kim i will make an exception as her celebrity status gain is a complete utter nonsense

  • No, Kim Kardashian is not still relevant news

    No, Kim Kardashian is not still relevant news. I believe she was over-hyped in the first place, and has not done anything really to earn celebrity status. I classify her in the same category as Paris Hilton, who also has not earned her celebrity status. They are not role models I would want my daughter to strive to become thats for sure.

  • No, Kim Kardashian is not still relevant news

    I disagree that Kim Kardashian is still relevant news. Kim Kardashian never accomplished anything significant in her life to achieve the fame she has been awarded. She has never provided the public with anything newsworthy and she should have never been considered relevant. I believe Kim Kardashian's star is fading.

  • No, Kim Kardashian is not relevant news.

    US culture is often criticized abroad for being shallow and obsessed with meaningless celebrity gossip, and often at the expense of more "important" matters, such as politics or economics. Usually I'm tempted to defend US culture, and in turn criticize an overly "serious" attitude towards life that leads to more stress than fulfillment, but obviously in the case of Kim Kardashian, the public obsession really is pretty embarrassing.

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