Is Kim Kardashian West's racy photo setting a bad example for younger women?

  • Yes, Kim Kardashian's racy photo is setting a bad example for younger women.

    Yes, Kim Kardashian's racy photo is setting a bad example for younger women because Kardashian is conveying the message that women should use their body to get attention. Although Kim Kardashian is very entrepreneurial and is setting a good example in that regard, she needs to help young women realize that they don't always have to act provocatively to get attention from others.

  • Women Flaunting Their Body is Unneccesary

    Kim Kardashian West showing off her nude body shows her insecurity as a woman. There are many ways to show your outer beauty and showing curves that are not bare is a lot sexier than being nude. The message she is sending to younger women is that they must be naked to show they have a beautiful body. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

  • Kim Kardashian's racy photo sets a horrible example for young women.

    Kim Kardashian's racy full-nude photo that she released online is not only a horrible example for young women, but it sends a terrible message that will only feed the insecurities of young women. In a society riddle with rape culture, abuse of women and unrealistic body image, Kim Kardashian's photo literally shouts to things, "This is what is beautiful. You are not beautiful if you do not look like me", and even worse, "You are only as valuable as your body. Your body is all you have to offer".

  • No, examples should be set by parents.

    Everyone can get angry at Kim Kardashian West for her racy photos, but she won't care. It's exactly what she wants. And why should she care? People should take care of their and teach their children what way to behave, so no celebrities could affect them in a bad way, therefore, there is no bad example set by Kim Kardashian.

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