• Kindergarten is very important

    Kindegarten is very important and is needed for most kids. It's a kids first exposure to other kids and school lessons. There is a big leap from kindegarten and first grade, so with kindergarten you need that exposure of getting to know other kids and starting to learn. It's the best grade because you have the most fun then any other level in school, but teaches you how to play with others, and start to learn.

  • Kindergarten is important

    It is my opinion that kindergarten is an important part of a child's early education. Kindergarten allows children to develop social skills when interacting with peers. It also allows for the introduction of structure in their daily lives, and allows them to get used to the routine of going to school.

  • Yes, it is.

    Kindergarten helps young children get started with the groove of school. It's good that they're introduced to it early to help them much later in the future. A child can learn more than you think. Learning the alphabet and learning how to count helps a child tremendously. It's would be better if kids were taught even younger by their parents.

  • Kindergarten is important.

    Recent studies show that kindergarten starts the education process that eventually can lead to collegiate achievement. The skills learned in kindergarten set up a domino effect for the rest of a child's cognitive development. It has even been proven that pre-school is just as important when it comes to exploring cognitive development. Kindergarten is actually the second in a series of steps towards success.

  • Yes, kindergarten is important.

    I definitely think that kindgergarten is important. I think that it helps a child to learns some basic learning and social skills at an age where they are very impressionable. Plus it's a good way to prepare them for the first grade and elementary school where they will start having to deal with grades.

  • Kindergarten is not important

    Kids already learn things such as social skills from sports teams and play groups. Kindergarten does not have any education all it is is coloring and making arts and crafts. It does not prepare them for grade one cause their is a big difference from coloring and making crafts to reading writing and doing actual school work

  • Kindergarten is not important

    I believe that kindergarten is not important because what are you going to learn at age 3? Exactly, you don't learn much from the mere ability to scribble on paper and to play with your peers. Kids could be preparing for grade school during this time rather than playing with filthy baby dolls and building blocks. Almost no children end having legitimate friendships with their peers at this age. Legitimate meaning more than playing paddycake and throwing toys.

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