• Yes, King Louie's assasination attempt was embarrassing.

    There are reported to be seven to eight assassination attempts on France's King Louis Phillipe. The most infamous in 1835 by Giuseppe Mario Fieschi using a weapon he had designed himself. The weapon consisted of 25 gun barrels and failed to kill Fieschi's target. King Louie Phillipe was only grazed by a bullet. Fieschi did succeed in unintentionally killing 18 people including eight officers and injuring 22 others. Adding to the embarrassment of his failed attempt was his own injuries, rapid capture and execution by guillotine.

  • King Louie's Assignation Attempt is Embarassing

    The attempt on King Louie's life is one of the bigger assassination attempt failures in history because the would-be assassin, Robert-François Damien, did not think anything through very well. He used a small knife that wasn't enough to pierce through the king's heavy layers of winter clothing, and he couldn't even slip past the palace guards without drawing attention to himself.

  • Yes, it is embarrassing.

    Yes, the assassination attempt is embarrassing, but mostly to the man shooting the gun. There is no reason for one to attempt an assassination and only the harshest punishments should be considered. There should also be greater security around the king to prevent future attacks like this from happening again.

  • Yes, it is.

    It is embarrassing for the person who tried to assassinate King Louie because of what a terrible job they did. Killing 18 people and not even wounding the king is about as far from assinating someone you can get and still call it an attempted assassination. Its almost miraculous that he failed so badly.

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