• I think Kirby is cute because his face shows it all.

    Kirby is not ugly because Meta Knight is the one who is ugly. That is why I like to say EW every time I see him. He is very dumb and ugly unlike Kirby who is cute. Kirby is soooooo CUTE.. I'll say it again: KIRBY IS SOOOOOO CUTE..! CUTE

  • Of course he is!

    No matter what mood he is in, he looks cute. He could be happy, sad, or even angry, and he would still be adorable. He's also kind of silly and sometimes he makes me laugh. And even when his games start to become dark and creepy, he will still be cute.

  • I have a Kirby plushie.

    Ever since I fished it out of the bottom of a hamper that it's been in for years, I've been looking forward every day to waking up and carrying the guy with me throughout the morning. Am I biased by nostalgia? Yes. A lot. But dang it, high school's been so much more tolerable now that I have him to hug.

  • Kirby is cute!

    Why would Kirby not be cute he is just a little cute pink puff ball and he is happy loving and helped king Dedede even though they are kind of like enemy and enemy he still helped king Dedede and he is also cut when he has a power up especially when he is using one like mic when he sings he looks so happy and cute!

  • Yup. He is cute.

    Kirby is cute in my opinion. We all have different opinions of what we perceive as cute. Kirby's dark eyes remind me of that of a cute baby animal, thus, he's cute. His mouth makes him look happy and cheerful as well, so overall, he is very happy and cute.

  • People Are Getting Blind

    Look at that gross pink blob. It looks like a pile of meat left out in the hot summer air to rot. And I only rarely eat raw meat, so I wouldn't want to touch that thing. Kirby is a disrespectful creature who aims to hurt the feelings of others. He is certainly not cute. People who think he is cute must be suffering from blindness or problems with their nose.

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