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  • Better Safe than Sorry

    It's better to be aware of things at all times rather than being in danger or being stuck in a tough predicament unexpectedly. I know for a fact, I'd definitely be aware than get a whack of bad news being thrown at me. It's better to be ready when life decides to do a 360 on you.

  • Yes, Knowledge can save your life

    My cousin lost her life to cancer because of her limited knowledge & ‘not knowing’ about her illness and the options that she had to fight with it to save her life.
    But, in the realm of ‘mindfulness’ & 'not knowing' versus ‘knowing’, I admire letting go of what we know (which is very hard) and allowing ‘not-knowing’ in order to give the opportunity to new thoughts, ideas, innovations, and looking at things differently. For example I’m looking at my son’s addiction problems differently lately because of letting go of what I know.
    I guess Mindfulness as knowing & mindfulness as not-knowing complement each other and bring wholeness to our life.

  • Knowledge is generally power.

    Although it is sometimes better not to know than to know, in general, knowledge is power. By acquiring knowledge people equip their brains to make informed decisions about difficult and complicated questions. Informed decisions are the direct result of rational thinking, which encourages the development of logic and reason, which makes people excel at solving problems effectively.

  • Yes, ignorance is NOT bliss

    Yes, knowing is almost always better than not knowing. If you are to live in ignorance then you give up the opportunity to determine your own fate. With knowledge comes power and the ability to control your destiny. For example, if someone wanted to remain ignorant about whether or not they have some deadly disease they give up the opportunity of potentially curing themselves if they are diseased.

  • It is not always good to know!

    What if I tell you that the food you eat, No matter what the source from which it has reached your table is infected with one or other kind of fecal bacterias. You probably know about it but that does not affect your decision to eat the food or not even if I point it out to you every time you are about to eat the food. Why? Because you tend to be ignorant of the truth for your own peace of mind and is necessary for your biological survival. Similarly, The life which we live is in essence a life of ignorance because in the end it does not matter what a person do, The person would eventually die and all of the deed executed by the person would not matter atleast in respect of the person who died. Yet it does not stop anyone from going about their business as it is important that we do even if we know that in the end it is not going to matter for us. Why? Because again you tend to be in oblivion of these facts and continue with your life and these assumption are essential for life as we know. There are various other things about which we may know but still remain oblivion to those as these oblivious behaviour is necessary for life as we know it. Thus to say that it is always better to know and take that knowledge into cognizance while taking a decision and doing what should be reasonable in that place to do would be the end of life as we know it. Thus it is not always good to know.

  • Ignorance is bliss.

    Although knowing things might educate ones perspective, Being faced with the ugly truth uncovers the horrors of the world. Take The Giver for example, How can you not be in bliss not seeing what the giver does. You can't not, Its inevitable. When your a kid and all you want to be is a princess, You're dream is so real until you discover the truth that that will really never happen. And before that point that ignorance lead you to believe anything is possible. Although ignorance sometimes has a negative connotation sometimes simply being ignorant of something isn't your fault.

  • Knowing less is better.

    When you know less, you worry less. Why would people want to worry? That stresses people out! Everyone should be happy and if no one is happy then how is the world suppose to grow and become more intelligent? It's that simple. People don't need to know everything. More intelligent people aren't as happy as the less intelligent.

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