• Knowledge is good and all but it can lead to being arrogant

    Yes knowledge is power but if you are arrogant you can lose your friends and no one will be near and people will believe that they are inferior to you and everyone will hate you. So if you have never ending knowledge don't be arrogant and have friends that make you feel like you belong

  • Better to know than not to know

    If I knew nothing I would be a fool and an unhappy fool at that. Yet if I knew something then my life would have meaning and that is good. Therefore, knowledge is always good as without knowledge we would all be blind, unhappy, fools, making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Knowledge is inert.

    Even if knowledge is not always beneficial, that does not make it bad or good. Knowledge itself is an inert concept. What people do with knowledge or as a result of it does not say something about the knowledge that they have attained, it says something about the person and the action they committed.

  • Knowledge is better than ignorance. That's for sure.

    It's true other people are right not having knowledge can help SOME people because they aren't smart enough to understand how to deal with their emotions. Those who are smart know how to control or find a way to stop those emotions or find a solution to help themselves. Whether it is hard or easy to find, everything has a solution. Knowledge is can help people. Also knowledge doesn't just have to help emotions. It can also help with problem solving big or small. For example Gomo stated that knowledge gave Hitler the power to invade the world, but other people used their knowledge to find a way to stop Hitler ( BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE IS A EVIL HEARTLESS JERK LIKE HITLER) . If no one knew what was going on, well who knows what might have happened to us. Those who don't know can get hurt, ( you may not know it but at some point one day not knowing will effect that person ) those who do know, KNOW what to do to prevent something from happening. ~ Thank you for stopping and reading all of this ._.

  • Knowledge is the greatest treasure

    Knowledge is what helps efficiency. Knowledge is what makes things better. Knowledge is what allows for things that could not implemented without it. Knowledge facilitates the ability to transcend visceral reactions, to work with reality that is not encumbered by default perception. Knowledge helps us to become better by our own standards.

  • The knowledge itself is good (useful), the way that it is used is a different topic altogether.

    Knowledge is a tool, a tool that can be used for many things both good and bad. The knowledge of how to create a nuclear bomb is the same knowledge on how to create a nuclear reactor. The knowledge of how atoms interact and that matter can be converted directly to energy (E=MC2) is extremely useful and profitable for the entire species. Is the knowledge bad? No, it is the wielder of that knowledge that is bad.

  • Knowledge is Obviously Good

    Obtaining knowledge is always good. I can think of few if any scenarios where it is a negative. Knowledge covers a great spectrum of subjects and a balanced knowledge in all of them (or at least a healthy majority) is excellent for anybody. Obtaining knowledge is most commonly associated with school and formal education. Formal education is the foundation of any civilization because knowledge is absolutely essential to run a government and a society. Think about it, every major idea that gradually brought human society to where we are now was developed by a well-educated and intelligent individuals such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle, and others. Knowledge is also essential for studies in science including medicine. Doctors of medicine are, obviously, knowledgeable people. Any true profession requires an education to perform and be qualified, usually at a school of higher learning. I would argue that knowledge is always good with no drawbacks to the concept. Absence of knowledge is ignorance and, while bliss, it is never a positive to any person or society.

  • Knowledge is Almost Always Good

    There is very solid reasoning to suggest knowledge is a good thing. Knowledge is what enlightens the mind, and opens up the world. However, especially in man kind, knowledge is used as a force of destruction. Knowledge created atomic bombs, which threaten our existence. Knowledge is what gave Hitler the power to invade the world. Knowledge can very easily destroy human minds. Therefore, in many cases knowledge is not good.

    Posted by: Gomo
  • Incomplete knowledge can be much worse than no knowledge at all.

    If you know all the facts concerning a situation, it enables you to make a rational decision that will lead to an optimal outcome. However, If you can only see a small part of the big picture, your partial knowledge might mislead you into making a worse decision than if you had known nothing.

    Like they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • Because knowing very thing is no fun

    Smart people how know every thing don't let others learn about topics they like to suited and then why would we need education, in a matter of fact smarter people dont always understand regular life they might know about alot of other things but when it comes to girls/life/streets ect. They aint got jack!

  • Knowledge isn't always good

    If you ever get made fun of you wouldn't know it and your life would still be happy because you didn't or don't have a clue what they are saying about you. Sometimes knowledge is a good thing because if you are getting made fun of you can stop it, because personally i would rather not know that im getting made fun of than know it.

  • Depends on relevancy

    I wouldn't go as far as to say there is bad knowledge. However, there is certainly useless knowledge. I guess it can be argued that even useless knowledge will somehow help you develop higher IQ, more experience, etc. etc. but in my short lifetime I would rather focus on knowledge that is relevant, important, valuable....

  • Ignorance is bliss

    Honestly, all good things have something bad to them. Not knowing something can be useful in many ways but not knowing something can save you from almost everything. It can save you from emotional and physical stress. Overall, not knowing you will get a huge project at work tomorrow in many ways is a good thing, it will save you and your insanity.

  • Depend's on what.

    Not in all case's, sometime's it's better not to know thing's or about them, we don't allway's need to know everything about everything for something to be good and knowing certain thing's about thing's can completly ruin that thing for someone so as I stand no knowledge is not allway's good.

  • Knowledge is good and all but it can lead to being arrogant

    Yes knowledge is power but if you are arrogant you can lose your friends and no one will be near and people will believe that they are inferior to you and everyone will hate you. So if you have never ending knowledge don't be arrogant and have friends that make you feel like you belong

  • Can be dangerous

    If someone approached you with knowledge of a dangerous or unsafe occurrence and told you in confidence, and if you reported this, it would be known where the information came from. You could potentially save a life, but get someone sacked or jailed at the same time. This knowledge could now make you ill debating what to do.

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