• Everything has knowledge

    If you have strength, You shall know how to correctly use it otherwise your strength is just a waste
    people say money is power but if they do not get a job they will not have money and for getting a job you shall have know
    edge to pass your interview

  • Without knowing there is no such thing as power

    Knowing and understanding is our face-value approach to existing as conscious entities. Without the ability to understand we would not be able to function as intellectually capable beings. All power is lost without meaning and with meaning and knowledge comes the ability to gather power. I would argue that knowledge is indeed the truest power a living being can accrue

  • Knowledge is the true power.

    Knowledge is indeed the best form of power. Even if people acquire power or they inherit it, they can just as easily lose it if they are not smart. Knowledge is the real form of power because it enables people to do things. Wisdom is needed to hold on to real power.

  • Knowledge is the true power.

    Knowledge is the true power. Knowledge about things can go a long way in society. If we focus to learn more than no one can take that away from us. We should encourage children especially to be creative and knowledgeable about everything in life. Knowledge will take you farther in life and make your life a lot more easier when it comes to your daily routines.

  • Yes, knowledge is the true power.

    Knowledge gives you the ability to obtain all the other types of power. Knowledge can make you wealthy which will give you more power. It can also give you different types of control over people based on what types of knowledge you possess about them. For these reasons knowledge is the true power.

  • Knowledge is the true power.

    Knowledge is the true power. When people know things that others do not, they use it to their advantage. They become very successful, because that thirst for knowledge also leads to more favorable outcomes, like better performance in school, a college degree, and further education that people that do not have knowledge miss out on.

  • Logic trumps knowledge.

    Knowledge is a kind of power. There is no 'true' power. I would say that 'knowledge' is merely an extension of a number of different cognitive functions, which all together make up the human mind. I'd say that having a lot of these minor cognitive abilities is what allows us, as humans, to use what we know to the greatest effect. For this reason, I'd say that knowledge is an inferior cognitive ability, as it is limited in the extent that it can be used, by a number of factors; the most important of which is logic. Logic is the true power, as knowledge is directly limited by what you do with it. An example: even if you know where all the pieces of a puzzle go, if you're building it for the wrong reason, you're still screwed. Throughout history, many people have made the wrong choice only because they knew all the facts, but couldn't figure out how to deal with them. I'd also like to point out that logic isn't the ultimate power; it can only be used in conjunction with several other powers, such as opinion, or knowledge itself. In short, there is no ultimate power, but logic comes the closest to eclipsing the realm of ultimate power. A little motto for you; 'Cogito, ergo sum'. I take this to mean somemthing rather different than proof of existence; if all of reality is defined by human perception, (time itself is defined by the human mind) thancannot pure logic shape what is real and what isn't? Here's what's going to wrinkle your brain; in quantum physics, certain things only exist because you looked for them. On a more macro level, we can assume that if you can convince yourself on every psychological level that something is true, it essentially becomes true. You know it to be true. Thus, knowledge is directly controlled by logic, and by definition, logic is more ultimate than knowledge.

  • The rich have all the power.

    The world is being controlled by the rich and corporations. Just knowing things isn't going to get you anywhere. No matter how much you know, you are being led and controlled by the elite. There is no getting past it. We know we are killing the planet, but things won't change because the rich can't get richer for it.

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