• Yes, knowledge is more important

    While imagination is important for being a well rounded person, in society knowledge is more important. Without knowledge it is far more difficult to find a high paying job. Especially with the sciences where a degree is absolutely essential. Specialization in a particular field is the foundation of human civilization. Where an individual passes on their knowledge and our collective society advances.

  • Knowledge pushes us ahead

    Knowledge is what pushes the human race forward, and gave us all of the technology that we have today. I think knowledge is definately more important, and can make a person who comes from no where become extremely successful. Imagination does not do a whole lot for the human race.

  • Yes, I think knowledge is more important.

    I believe knowledge is more important today. Having knowledge on various topics is important. Imagination is good to have, but can only take you so far. Being knowledgeable is what gets a person jobs and gets a person through schooling. If a person has no knowledge I do not think they will make it very far in life.

  • Knowledge and imagination.

    Knowledge and imagination are both very important in todays society. I think today people should put emphasis on both knowledge, and creativity. People should be creative and use that creativity to express themselves. But we also need knowledge to make the creative things come to life and really happen and be made.

  • Knowledge Reigns Supreme

    I believe knowledge always has been more important and always will be more important. While having an imagination can be a great trait it certainly, in my opinion doesn't trump knowledge. Obtaining knowledge takes time and understanding and the ability to learn. The more knowledge you have the more you can use your imagination as well.

  • Whys imagination more imp/

    Even the person who had most knowledge on earth i. E albert einstein said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. In todays time knowledge can be obtaiened at any time any where from the sources such as google. Knowledge can definately help us tackle old obstacles but it is creative imagination that helps us tackling new ones. Reffering to jobs is not all about job would there be microsoft if bill gates had a job or would there be apple if steve jobs hadnt dropped out of high school?

  • Imagination creates another world

    Imagination creates knowledge. It is the essence, the building block today because without imagination, ideas would not exist. And if ideas do not exist, how do humans take one step further to discover that knowledge by experimenting? Schooling and jobs are superficial, to me, imagination and constructive ideas for a better world is much more important than knowledge of concepts which cannot be applied, as it has already been tried and proven impractical.

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