Is Kobe Bryant a better basketball player than Lebron James?

  • Kobe has more championships.

    The only way to compare two NBA stars is with cold, hard facts. Kobe Bryant has more NBA championships (five) than Lebron James (two). Kobe has been an All-Star 15 times in his career, while LeBron has only been an All-Star nine times. However, Lebron is much younger than Kobe, and may improve on those numbers in future years.

  • Five is better than two

    Both players are among the all time greats at their respective positions. Yet for now, Kobe Bryant is better than Lebron just because he has more championship rings. Kobe has five, and Lebron only has two. It is true that Lebron has time to accumulate more rings, but Kobe has a few years left too.

  • Kobe has won championships with less talent.

    LeBron James never won an NBA title when he was in Cleveland, even when he had Shaquille O'Neal on the team. He only won a title when teaming up with two other superstars in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Kobe, on the other hand, won two titles with the Lakers without superstar Shaquille O'Neal, and three more with him.

  • Lebron James is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant

    Lebron James is a better player than Kobe Bryant. Arguments can be made about championships and achievements, however those cannot be measured accurately due to the age difference in the players. If you compare statistics at age 29, Lebron clearly comes up on top. At age 29, Lebron averaged 27.5 points per game to Kobe's 24.6, 7.2 rebounds beating Kobe's 5.2, and 6.2 assists topping Kobe's 4.9. If you put these two players at the same age and compare apples to apples, Lebron is the clear winner of a one on one match-up.

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