• I am an A* student

    Personally, I think that Kobe Bryant is already the best shooting guard in the NBA history, those of you who disagree may argue that Michael Jordan is the best, however I have solid evidence to support my statement, and so I would like to start with his ability to close out games on late quarters.
    Kobe Bryant has achieved 29 game winning shots throughout his career, which is recorded as the highest amount of game winners a single person has recorded, this shows that Kobe Bryant is “clutch” in late games, he has consecutively done the impossible and always found a way to get the win to show us his superiority in the game, and his ability was shown against the Boston Celtics on the first of January 2010 he scored the game winning shot in the face of Ray Allen which was an almost impossible shot to release, in the face of Ray Allen, but he released the shot and unbelievably, it went in. Is this an everyday shot in the NBA? How many other shooting guards have done this is in front of a great defender?
    The opposition argues that Michael Jordan is better than Kobe, knowing that in the 6 times he won the NBA championship, he won all of the finals MVP on these 6 times as well, this is something Kobe is unable to do, however Michael Jordan was also with a great team, Scottie Pippen, a highly underrated player was able to carry the bulls to the playoffs and was able to keep the teams win/lose ratio relative to past years when Michael Jordan was on the Bulls which shows that Scottie Pippen can carry the Bulls just like Michael Jordan.
    Also Michael Jordan was in an era where new teams were coming in, meaning a lot of the teams were on their rebuilding season which makes it easy for Michael Jordan to beat them since they were new teams, also this era was filled with overrated players such as Magic Johnson who got famous even though it was partly due to his team who were clearly great at basketball, and people just liked him since he was a big man guard.
    Another reason is that Kobe Bryant has the ability to score at will, he has recorded 81 points which is the highest points in a single modern game, he has recorded 11 3 pointers made which is the most made 3 pointers in NBA history and he is a 2 time NBA scoring leader, this shows that Kobe is able to shoot at will, which means the amount of shots Kobe shoots Doesn’t matter since he still has a high shooting percentage.

  • Two words, 81 points

    Michael Jordan is a major ball hog himself, with that said, he couldn't score 81 points or over, this clearly shows that Kobe is a better scorer than Jordan, Michael Jordan was even in an era which teams had just come in, meaning a lot of them were just building up their franchise. Even then Michael Jordan couldn't score 81 points? What does that tell you?

  • Nope no no

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  • No that is incorrect

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  • No, Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.

    Kobe Byrant is an excellent basketball player, but often times he comes across as a ball hog who is too aggressive. Michael Jordan just excelled. He was always at the top of his game, but he never hogged the spotlight and shared it equally amongst his team mates. Just the stats speak for themselves.

  • Kobe will never match Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan paved the way for Kobe Bryant by being one of the earliest mega celebrities in basketball. The respect Jordan earned through his amazing skills and positive public reputation made it possible for stars like Kobe to rise and capture the nation's imagination. Kobe will always be an imitation of Michael Jordan.

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