• K pop is a new genre in music. It's becoming famous worldwide for their attractive dancing and songs.

    Korean Pop singers fight a lot for their debut. Their fighting spirit is persistence. It could becoming a good example for teenage nowadays. But, We also find some Korean pop singers choose suicide because of the pressure. So they also can give bad influence for the teenagers whose becoming their followers

  • I think It's ''fifty-fifty''.

    I love Kpop since 2013 but I have to say this question is really hard. On the first side groups like BTS, Stray Kids really have good lyrics and always saying that it's so damn importent to spread good feeling, Love and not hate. They also help a lot of people with their music. . .
    BUT there is the other bad side too like in every situation! The Idols are mostly very thin, Too thin in my opinion. Role models like Hwasa, Hyolyn etc. Are very rare. They all are looking beautiful, That you sometimes think they are not human. This is of course also due to the fact that the urge is significantly higher in Korea than in other countries. That can be very dangerous, Especially when Kpop Idols are literally role models for many people.

    So yeah like I said it's a fifty-fifty thing. Hope that many things in Kpop will improve in a positive way with regard to such things.

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