• Way too young

    Kylie Jenner is way too young to be getting lip fillers. Although pouty lips look good on Kylie, she doesn't need them at 17/18 years of age. Her parents are obviously too hands-off and permissive with her. They are letting her fall into the "anything goes because it's Hollywood" scene.

  • Kylie set an example for your followers.

    Yes, Kylie Jenner is too young to be getting lip fillers. Many young women look up to Kylie. She has over nine million Twitter followers. It would be nice for Kylie to be a leader, to represent beauty within, no matter what you look like. I believe this kind of action by her sets a bad example for all that follow her.

  • Yes, because Hollywood pushes celebrities to alter their looks in order to be accepted

    Her whole entire family, and all of Hollywood encourages it. It just gets more and more depressing, the younger it gets. Even at old age, wrinkles are natural, they show your experience. They're perfect imperfections. I'm glad that they weren't permanent, and hope she doesn't pursue it in the future. This whole country is so focused on thy self, rather than others, increasing the idea that appearance is so important. If you are content with the way you were born and what your parents passed to you, then you will feel more confident. You're not beautiful if the lips are fake, nose, cheekbones, etc. It's not natural, anyone could have it, you're just a barbie doll in the making.

  • Stuck in the middle

    I don't personally think it was necessary for her to get lip filers, but it makes her happy and feel secure about herself. She is a beautiful girl with and without the lip fillers. She is a little young but not too young. Please never let insecurities get messed up in your head because everyone is beautiful.

  • No, Kylie Jenner is capable of making her own decisions.

    I believe that celebrity children are forced to mature more rapidly than non-celebrity children. Therefore though lip fillers, in my opinion, are silly, Kylie is not too young to get them if they are something she desires. She can certainly afford them and if they are something she chooses to spend her money on, she should have them.

  • Not Too Young

    I think that lip fillers are hideous to look at. However they should not be illegal. Kylie Jenner is old enough to make a very bad decision for herself. If she is old enough to join the military, then she is certainly old enough to fill her lips. It is a very unflattering look and hopefully she will come to her senses and go back to natural lips.

  • It is between her and her parents

    She is seventeen years old and if she feels that she needs to do something to make herself feel more pretty then she should not have to deal with ridicule from so called fans. It is most definitely between her, her family, and her plastic surgeon. You are not in charge of her. She is a public figure and she should do whatever she wants to feel good. Wouldn't you if you had that kind of money?!?

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