• Tech companies spread

    It's obvious that tech companies are big business. Cell phones, tablets, and computers are pretty much a necessity- not to mention the apps, websites, and software needed to run these devices. Silicon Valley is no longer the only hot spot for tech companies. Seattle, Salt Lake, and Los Angeles areas are all adopting the Silicon Valley culture. LA, is the new Silicon Valley.

  • I believe that LA is becoming the new Silicon Valley.

    Silicon Valley has come to refer to high-tech businesses being the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development. This describes the LA area as many technological businesses have located in the LA area. The last three years have built technology momentum and if the trend continues, which I believe it will, Los Angeles region will be the next hub for technology entrepreneurship.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I have my doubts LA is becoming the new Silicon Valley. Some tech companies and new tech companies are skipping out on their foundation homes to go elsewhere. Competition is key and there are plenty of other places in the country that are far more competitive. I think we'll see more tech companies spread across the country.

  • LA Is becoming the new startup capitol but not the new Silicon Valley.

    Los Angeles has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the tech sector over the last 15 years, but has not yet come close to the offerings of Silicon Valley to the north. While there is hardware tech development taking place in Los Angeles it is yet to rival ro come close to Silicon Valley. Los Angeles is leading the charge for startups and other game and app based companies.

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