• Yes, it is.

    Females are people too, no matter their upper body strength. Now, I would still let a lady go first, just because it is the nice thing to do and I respect females. I'm just saying that people should not be all about women going first. I go through it all the time, being young. People put me before them. It drives me crazy, because I am not weak and I am not incapable of waiting 30 more seconds.

  • No. .

    "Sorry. I forgot manners was a problem nowadays. Its ridiculous. It is definitely not sexist as it is just an act of kindness that should be accepted. If I said ladies first to somebody and they said I was being sexist then I would slam whatever door in their face, And I would still probably be called sexist. " Someone said, Well then why don't men get the same treatment, It's unfair.

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  • Yes, it is, even if it's polite

    It is sexist because ladies first doesn't have an equal reward for men such as men getting special privileges while women going first. It doesn't give both sexes equal rights which means it's sexist. Although I usually let ladies go in front of me, I also let men go in front of me as well as it is truly polite. Until that policy exists everywhere, ladies first is sexist

  • Y arent we all treated equal

    First Off, 'Ladies First' is not only applied to opening the door. Ladies First is used in the order of ordering and serving food, going into a place, being dismissed from a meeting/class, and even, in some cases, the giving of gifts and/or awards. I have heard the argument "It's being polite" a lot. Let's look at that. Males have a rule enforced on them that tells them to go out of their way to show respect to females, but there is no vice versa- females are not expected to go out of their way to show respect to males. Until there is such a policy, it is sexist. Since it would be hard to develop a tradition to show males that same level of respect without compromising the original 'ladies first' rule, I believe we should just eradicate 'ladies first' and determine order without considering gender.

  • It’s called societal misandry.

    Back in the day when women didn’t have equal rights, it balanced it out a bit to open doors, pull out chairs, and buy gifts for them. Now that they do have equal rights, however, it just works to spoil them. Now they seem to think that they’re entitled to all these things, but those days are over. Chivalry is dead because women simply don’t deserve it anymore, they can make it on their own.
    In summary, the western world is being pussy-whipped.

  • It is sexist, even for women

    As a woman, yes, it can be sometimes comfortable for me to be given the priority when getting off an elevator or always having a fine gentleman to open the door for me. However, I realized that this actually acknowledges the fact that women need somehow different treatment just because of her sex. Opening the door for a woman because she is a woman is sexist, whereas opening the door for any individual regardless of gender is simply being polite. I understand that some men will view me as an abnormal person. I mean, who wouldn't want priority in any given chance? But what I mean is, we need to change our attitudes more. Many of the posts here seem to be saying that "ladies first" is sexist solely because men, too, need priorities. I understand that. However, I feel that the reason it is sexist is because it is acknowledging that women are somehow inferior and thus needs to depend on men for them to do simple things as going off an elevator or pushing a door. I believe that letting people off an elevator because it is their floor or opening the door is definitely polite and courteous and never should be frowned upon. But always following that up with a remark like "ladies first" or some other comment that signifies that the action was the result of the person being a female is something quite sexist. This is coming from a woman who is very liberal in her political views, and yes, "ladies first" is sexist.

  • Have it your way...

    In an age when women want desperately to see themselves as equals, it is sexist - except, of course, until the first female disagrees with my assessment, upon which we will all have to cave in and support her view exclusively or be seen as brutes and Neanderthals. Women want whatever benefits them at the moment, not what is equal or "right".

  • It’s outdated and inequal treatment

    I get it. It was fashionable in the old days, but we have moved on and in today’s society women and men deserve equal treatment. And also, you shouldn’t say it to young boys or girls, making them thing women deserve better treatment. And just because some; have lower body strength, that doesn’t mean letting them go first will contrubute anything to it.

  • Yes because it is like saying your weak so go I will help you

    Or it can be like boys are nothing and girls are so girls are like queens and boys are trash so since they are queens they go first and boys have to wait just like they are garbage or not important like a queen that is so important they have to go first.

  • It is an action of respecting women

    Lady first is an old rule.All the special features of an adult male's personality, developed from boyhood--his muscles, will power, stamina, competitive drive, aggressiveness and assertiveness, mathematical and abstractive powers of mind, love for strategic planning and manipulating physical reality, strong sense of fairness and ethical conduct--all coordinate toward a single great purpose in life: protection.
    Nature, it seems, endows men with the physical and mental powers they need to protect their loved ones. The instinct to protect from harm lies at the core of a man's masculinity, and it is an immensely powerful force.

  • There is a different between being chivalrous and being sexist.

    Sexism is the deliberate condescension toward the opposite sex based on a the belief that its members are inferior. Chivalry is the demonstration of an appreciation for someone through kind acts. The motivation behind it is politeness, not condescension. It is, therefore, not sexist to offer a lady the option of going first. It's good manners.

  • Not under 99% of circumstances

    Holding the door for a women is not an act of dominance, it is an act of kindness. Is it right to hold the door for just a woman and then let it slam in the face of the man right behind you? No. But the vast majority of men do it because it's nice. Those who do it because they see females as weak and inferior are few, and it's unfortunate that in today's society it is those few who make a name for the polite men who are just trying to add a little more kindness into the world.

  • No way it is polite.

    Many or some men open the door for women so they can enter a room first. It came about when men thought the lady should enter first so all the men see that she is with him. It is not sexist it is a form of being polite I love when men open the door for me. I like to think it means they are a gentleman.

  • "Ladies first" is not sexist.

    You can't care that much about the age-old rule "ladies first." It's become a part of modern society. It shows signs of a true gentleman. I don't know about you, but I'm flattered when someone at my age remembers to hold the door open. I'm usually the one holding the door open at my middle school.

  • It's called being gentleman

    Why should a male be punished by a female, or anyone for that matter, simply for displaying good old traditional manors. It's due to women being over 'anti-sexist' that has destroyed chivalry in our society. Men and women should both of course be equal to each other, however a man should certainly not be even considered sexist merely because he opened a door for a women and muttered the classic 20th century phrase 'ladies first'.

  • Of course not

    It is understandable that people may consider the concept of chivalry to be biased towards the female gender, but that bias is there for a reason. Women, as a general rule, are physically weaker than men. Men who use their strength to their advantage against women are generally considered rude, immoral, and generally impolite.

    "Ladies first" is essentially just another way of saying that men should take care of and protect women. As a species, females are the ones who continue the generation and keep the species alive; although males are required for reproduction as well (for most species), they do not carry the child and therefore it is their responsibility to protect the females to ensure the stability of future generations.

    Finally, I would like to state that any man who ever wants to get into a relationship has to consider these factors. More often than not, it is men who chase the women, and the women who picks the men. Although this can sometimes be seen as self-serving, a man must submit to a woman's will to be able to gain her friendship, trust, and ultimately love.

  • It's courtesy and respect

    The offer of 'ladies first' makes something of a man into a Gentleman, in the same way as other forms of politeness and etiquette makes a woman a 'Lady'. It can be interpreted as sexist because women may feel that they don't need special treatment as their not handicapped or inferior, and it can be interpreted as sexist to a man as it may appear as the woman gets special treatment by going first. However, that is not the principle of it. It's just common decency and respect.

  • Sorry. I forgot manners was a problem nowadays.

    Its ridiculous. It is definitely not sexist as it is just an act of kindness that should be accepted. If I said ladies first to somebody and they said I was being sexist then I would slam whatever door in their face, and I would still probably be called sexist.

  • Sorry. I forgot manners was a problem nowadays.

    Its ridiculous. It is definitely not sexist as it is just an act of kindness that should be accepted. If I said ladies first to somebody and they said I was being sexist then I would slam whatever door in their face, and I would still probably be called sexist.

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abyteofbrain says2013-12-20T03:59:43.297
Not when used in context, but it is frequently used out of context.