• Her behaviour is emulated by others - thus she is a role model.

    I'm a bit confused here. The question is: Is Lady Gaga a role model? It's not is she a good role model or is she a bad one. A role model isn't necessarily defined as someone who's looked up to on a moral level - but a role model is a person whose behaviour can be emulated by others. Both Creativist and TravelingtheUSA have made the mistake of stating she is a bad role model as meaning the same thing as not being a role model at all. Someone who isn't a role model is someone whose behaviour isn't emulated. There are good role models and there are bad role models - then there are some people that aren't role models at all. If you state that she is a bad role model - then she's still a role model, but not a good one that people should follow according to some people and a good one according to others. The fact is - her behaviour is emulated by others. Some people do want to be like Lady Gaga. So, she is a role model. Whether she is a good role model or not is really what the question should be - and what people have answered, but it isn't the question above.



  • I belief she is!

    Lady Gaga's music may be controversial at times, but listen when she actually speaks. During interviews she has shown her intelligence and that she is not some sex-crazed monster, that is just her image. Deep down inside she wants to make the world a better place, so in a way she can be a role model.

  • How she represents herself.

    In my opinion, Lady Gaga is not a role model, not for anyone. She is someone to be considered as a bad example. I come to this opinion because listeners can be highly affected by the way she dresses, acts or speaks. If people, especially young people take example from her as a role model, it would be bad for the new generation because I believe she isn't the best person to become a role model. Of course, it's just MY opinion, in other perspectives she may be a role model by her thoughts or her music, my opinion is highly based on how she acts and the way she dresses.

  • Thats a not a question.Hello! Dah! Of course not!

    Look at the things she is soing. Its a desperat NO in bold.....Do you see what she does.What will the upcoming generation learn from it.Just look at her. Her make up is sooooo loud. What will your children learn from it... Look at her clothes. What will your children wear when they grow up.. These things. Ok even i admit her songs are ggood exept some.Which are made only to listen.And as we say precautions are better than cure.You better not let Lady gaga be your child's role model.....

  • Celebrities are not everyday role model

    I do not believe celebrities are everyday role models. Although many celebrities make donations to charities that help society, they also live a lifestyle that their supporters cannot live or enjoy,

    The people in American society that are good role models are parents, grandparents, teachers, police officers, firefighters, business leaders, ministers and members of the US military.

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