• Completely overrated "stardom"

    She is a replica of other who came before her, but with less talent and less voice. Her voice is weak, her dancing is okay, but the overall artistic quality is simply based on clothes, make-up and hair pieces. The appear more than you are tactics are at play and many people mistake that for talent.

  • Copycat singer who uses the LGBT community too much!

    She works the media way too much - very annoying. She copies Madonna's songs.
    Katy Perry is way better than her. And she uses the LGBT community to promote herself. Also, not very nice to other people. Her fan base are terrorists - like her, they attack other artists.

  • She is predictable

    Yes gaga is good but she is the most predictable of all artist right now. You know her time is over in the spotlight. She is just boring now but I still like her but not that much anymore. Gaga is a nice person. It is just over for her

  • She most definitely is

    Undeniably there is talent there but it's drowned out by this utterly lame amount of posturing she does. She's not some "haute artiste" but instead a poseur. She doesn't do art for its own sake, she makes millions off of wacky wardrobe decisions and conventional pop lifted off of the pages of Prince and Madonna with a couple of disco-biscuit electro beats thrown in to confuse the sheeple. She's not original and the few parts of her that are 1) don't matter to the music and 2) seem to be randomly mashed together with no actual artistic value. And did I mention her songs are conventional? Four-to-the-floor or half-step beat + lyrics about love or fame or both + cookie-cutter synth lead + weird accents = every Lady Gaga song ever made. Radio airplay and fame does not automatically and in fact rarely equals good music people.

  • Talented, but more about image than talent

    As far as her vocal skills go, it's simple: Compare Gaga to someone like Freddie Mercury or even someone from the present like Justin Timberlake... She's a good singer but not a great one. Her exaggerated public image (moreso than Freddie's or Justin's who don't need such an "over-image") takes the place of the vocal performance she so obviously lacks. Her image distracts from what she lacks in talent/skill. Again: shes GOOD, not GREAT. Overrated.

  • No She Is Not

    Lady Gaga is far from being overrated. She has classic albums to her name and is an icon. Gaga has had numerous hit and has always performed well on the charts. She is very talented and has that "it" factor that you cannot buy or eventually get. You are born with it.

  • Yes.

    Lady Gaga is a just a walking tabloid. I can see how people have respect for her as an entertainer and as an artist, but all the hooplah surrounding her is just ridiculous. She's an attention whore and people love to give into it. She takes her art to an unnecessary extreme.

  • A little bit.

    I don't think that voice alone is enough for someone to be considered a great artist. She provokes too much in a wrong way. She is on the mainstream because of the way she appears publicly and I don't think she has anything new to offer in the music industry either.

  • Too much hype

    Only hype and ridiculous outfits. Too little quality and substance. Though her voice isn't too bad and some of the songs are quite good 80% of lady gaga is hype and not music. It was just a matter of time until her success started to fade. People have had enough of gaga.

  • I never build a long term relationship with her songs; my relationship with her songs is like a one time fling.

    Her songs are catchy and fun to listen to but they are not particularly different from other popular songs. I agree with the reviewer who said her songs are conventional. I just get tired of it after listening to her song two or three times. I never build a long term relationship with her songs; my relationship with her songs is like a one time fling. I never look back for her songs after awhile whereas i look for and listen to some of other singers' songs even after years. Her vocal is strong but not delicate and fine to move me emotionally. Her songs are nothing beyond short term enjoyment.

  • Not Overrated

    I don't think Lady Gaga is overrated as an artist. Her songs are catchy and fun to listen to, but they are also very meaningful and innovative when it comes to pop music. She is also very smart and stands up for good causes like marriage equality and body pride for women.

  • She's Got Lots Of Talent

    Unlike many pop stars out there today, Lady Gaga actually has talent. She can really sing. She even kept a concert going after her sound board died, and the audience loved it. Yes, she might get crazy with her clothes and videos, but that just showcases her artistic abilities even more.

  • She’s nothing special

    She’s not madonna or prince , she’s just a lame copy. Her message is confusing and music is blatant copy of greats gone by ut a poorer version. And her dancing is just bad , she really needs to stop pretending she is anything important as 2/3 hits don’t make you an icon ,

  • She deserves her fame.

    She is not overrated. You can tell that she works really hard to please her fans & she is really unique when it comes to performances and fashion. Her voice has also been really amazing the last few years. She is a really great role model too and a really great actor.

  • One of the best role model and pop star the world ever had

    She's such an inspiration to many including me. Extremely talented performer and song writer( Watch paparazzi acoustic, other performances) Pushes her own boundary, hard working and never use her fame to cause harm. I love her in every way. Even sometimes she can be a bit immature, but I forgiver her. Very lovely philosophical person. Passionate about her fans and her music

  • No, I like her.

    I am not the biggest pop music fan, but I understand why so many people love her. She is a good singer, dancer and songwriter. She's also creative and does her own thing. I don't think there is a female artists who is bigger than Lady Gaga. She is like the Michael Jackson of this time.

  • Underrated, to be honest.

    Gaga puts more time and effort into her music than any other pop star out there. The detail, the subject matter, her unique vocal performances. Take the time to listen to her albums in full (unlike, say, many of the detractors here), and there are tracks that could never work on radio. Not because they are weak, but because they are too against the grain. Plus, she writes her own music, never lip-syncs, and is a terrific role model for artists all over the world. Her message is simple: commit to your art, regardless of what people say. Create what you believe in, and take ownership of your career.

  • She's an entertainer

    She entertains. She has infectious dance beats to back up her raspy, gorgeous voice. She dances, she sings live, and she puts on a real show. When her songs come on for the first time, you can't help but turn the radio up with the thought "I wonder what Gaga's doing here" and her songs are very catchy. Congrats Gaga, for standing up for what you believe in, and helping millions be more confident in themselves.

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