Is Lance Armstrong a 'fall guy' for cycling's doping culture?

  • Yes he is.

    Lance Armstrong is the "fall guy: for cycling's doping culture. If you take a look at all of the cyclists, the ones who finished in the top 15 have all been linked to a doping scandal at one time or another. He is the fall guy because he is the most popular cyclist.

  • Pretty much yes

    I think that Lance Armstrong is pretty much the fall guy for cycling's doping culture. He was and is their biggest name in the game, and he was busted. He is the only one you here about from that sport being busted for doping and the only one that people who are not fans care about.

  • Lance Armstrong was a 'fall guy' for cycling's doping culture.

    Lance Armstrong was a 'fall guy' for cycling's doping culture. I think he was not the only one that used these drugs and because that he was in the spotlight the most, the media decided to make an example out of him. I think what we did to him was wrong.

  • YES

    As much as I don't like what he did, I am going to say that he is the fall guy for cycling's dope culture. I'm going to say that it's probably because he is the most famous and most decorated, but he is still the fall guy for it.

    You'll notice that there are a lot of people that got outed in all of this. But who's the one that's plastered all over the media, and who's the one that is getting the proverbial tomato throw every day? It's Armstrong.

  • Just The Poster Child

    I do not believe Lance Armstrong is the fall guy for the doping culture of cycling. It has been said that the dropping ring that he was involved with was one of the biggest ever and he also managed to pass several drug tests in the time he was participating in it. He did not do this without being fully aware of what was going on. I think if anything, the whole incident is a testament to the amount a person must push to attain the highest ranks and become what is considered succesful in this world. No one should feel the need to push themselves that hard.

  • Lance Armstrong did wrong!

    Lance Armstrong is not a 'fall guy' for cycling's doping culture. Although many cyclists choose to dope, they are each responsible for their own actions. Lance Armstrong knew what he was doing. He is very well known even among those that do not follow cycling. He was considered a role model. Those involved with cycling did not want him to be labeled any more than he did. It's bad image for the entire industry.

  • Its unfair to associate illegal drug use with all cyclists

    Lance was caught using illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, and yes this was vastly unfortunate for his career. However, in all fairness, if he didn't want to get in trouble for using them, he should have competed honestly like the rest of the cyclists. And I'm confident that in time another cyclist will rise above the pack and the world will forget about Armstrong's reign as king.

  • No. It's just a big let down after all he's been through.

    I think cycling and non cycling fans alike can agree that they have heard of Lance Armstrong at least once. He is a very respected man due to his accomplishments, his cancer survival, and his award winning non stop attitude. However,it's because of these qualities that everyone is shocked that a man like him would be doping. He's been such inspiration and a pillar of human endurance, and people feel betrayed that it was almost all a sham. He's not a fall guy at all; people just can't believe he was doping.

  • No, He is Just the Most Famous

    I don't think Lance Armstrong is a fall guy for the sport's drug culture. He just happens to be the most famous cyclist in America and one that has been all over the media for the past decade. Everyone knows there is a huge problem with steroids and doping in the sport of cycling, it's not coming down on just one guy.

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