• Yes, He Is Bad

    Yes, Lance Armstrong really is a bad guy. He is bad on many different levels. He cheated and drugged in order to get ahead in a sport. He cheated worthy opponents out of titles and trophies. He lied to the public and accepted fraudulent sponsorships. He let a lot of people down.

  • He's A Terrible Person

    Yes, he really is a bad guy. He lied to millions of people for years and was continuously a bully to the media. He sued many people when he knew he cheated and was lying in court as well. Lance Armstrong is the scum of the Earth in my opinion.

  • He is a bad influence on kids who look up to him as there role model.

    He takes drugs do you want your kids looking at a guy who takes drugs as there role model i know i don`t. I just don`t think he is someone you want your kids to look up to as there role model. Look he just is not the best choice for a role model.

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  • Yes he is a bad person

    Some people say he was sorry he did it, but he wasn't he was only sorry he got caught. He took away fair competitors chance to win the tour de France title. He had foundation sponsor him for cheating. He was such a bad guy, his children will be remembered for the kids of the dad that cheated and blood doped.

  • Yes he is a bad person

    He is a bad person because he cheated in a competition where worth components could have won. Luckily he got found out and was stripped of his titles. Although he was a good cyclist and everyone one day wont be as good as they used to be. Remember he was a survivor of cancer which is a big thing and should be respected.

  • He is a bad guy

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  • Yes he is a very bad person.

    Just imagine what would've happened if he wasn't on this stuff he ruined the talent if many people. He was a cyclist but he didn't have the talent to win if he would've trained hard he wouldn't need to do this. He is a very bad person who is a bad role model to me and you.

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  • He was more than a cyclist.

    So what if he used steroids. All of the top finishers used steroids and the top finishers today still use PEDs. He raised over 500 million dollars for cancer with livestrong, which is more than any other athlete, and he is a cancer survivor himself and later won multiple Tour de France races on an even playing field (everyone was on PEDs). And for all you people saying he is a bad role model, maybe you should realize that most successful people aren't squeeky clean and need to get dirty to get to the top.

  • What difference does it make?

    What if everyone had just kept their mouths shut Lance Armstrong would have still given the same hope to the same people and carried on with the same cancer research. But nope no one will tolerate a modern day, real-life superhero. But please continue to tell the world about the "miracles" contained in a 2,000 year old book.

  • Don't be naive. Everybody in the top groups uses performance enhancers.

    Professional cycling is a super cut-throat sport, and there is only so much the human body can do to keep up. Every cyclist comes to a point in their career where they know that they have to either dope, quit, or accept they'll never be able to to compete. Trust me, every single cyclist in those top couple groups of the tour de france are on something. Lance just decided he'd had enough of it and decided to come out. He's not the first, and he's not a bad guy for simply leveling the playing field.

  • :Its not about the bike"

    His book got dad threw chemo. He was the reason my dad was so strong, recovered so quickly, and was motivated to get going and in shape again after his testicular cancer as well. His foundation for cancer raised over 500 million dollars, Role model for cancer survivors everywhere, 37% people still admire him 27% no opinion. He's not the only one to use performance enhancing drugs

  • He gave some hope

    Lance Armstrong before all of the allegations that came out against him was a great person to look up to not only for kids but, also adults as well. The general public could look to this man as insperation to get out and do things that they have not before.

  • He's a politician.

    After seeing this question and doing a little bit of research on Lane Armstrong, I really don't see any way for me to look at him as "bad guy" per say. I know he is involved in politics, which simply means you have to be very opinionated to get people to care about what you have to say.

  • Still An Inspiration

    I believe Lance Armstrong is a good guy and still gives many people inspiration. Although he may have lost his medals he has still fought to be a good athlete and he has had a lot of mountains to climb in the process. He may have broken a few rules, but he also had to jump hurdles others did not.

  • Absolutely not a bad guy

    I am not arguing the fact that Lance Armstrong cheated. But, he had a charity foundation that builds up his reputation away from the bike. He was a role model to younger people all the way up to he admitted he used steroids. My point is he was a great man and he made a few mistakes. He stated that he did not want to be considered a bad guy to the public. Lance will get the five or ten year suspension and then say I forgive, I forget, I'm back.

  • Not the worst thing in the world

    Thinking about things that people have done to people he's not the terrible of a person. Yes he cheated, and yes it tainted cycling, and people lost a hero. But aside from that he's done a lot of good, for people, and for research for cancer. He just let winning become the most important thing and lost his way.

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