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  • NO it is not moral

    I am not trying to support him because he DOES NOT have a face in cycling no more but we have all done wrong and sin and any wrongdoing is as bad as stealing from your little siblings. I AM NOT A PREACHER BUT A HUMAN BEING, BUT I KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG HE didn't.

  • No, he is not the biggest liar.

    While he certainly pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes in the last couple of decades, he does not qualify as being the world's biggest liar. Only one thing can have that title, and that is the devil. He is the lord of this world, and he spreads his lies to everyone that gives him the opportunity to do so. Lance was wrong in what he did, but he is not of the same caliber as the devil.

  • We have all lied in our lives.

    Lance Armstrong lied about doping, it doesn't make him the worlds biggest liar. He probably did it to fight his own demons, after all he was under pressure to keep his title "professional road racing cyclist." Therefore, we are in no place to judge by calling him "the world biggest liar," while we are also guilty of lying too.

  • Can't quantify that

    Lance Armstrong was full of it and a pretty nasty person in general, but it's almost impossible to label him or anybody else the biggest liar in the world. He's certainly up there in regards to those in recent memory, but that's a title that can't really be attributed to anybody.

  • No, there are bigger liars out there

    Lance Armstrong simply lied about doping. That's hardly the biggest lie in the world. It's hardly the biggest lie in the sport. If we are going to try and quantify liars, then I bet we could find much bigger liars pretty much everywhere else (anyone talk to a lawyer lately?) This seems like a strange question.

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