• Yes, it is

    Language is definitely universal because that is how humans communicate. You can go deep in the jungle and find humans who have not been exposed to modern society and they have language that they use to communicate with each other. It is an inherent human trait. The human animal is adapted to utilize language to express itself, therefore, there is a universality.

  • Language is universal.

    If any two sentient beings hang around each other for any length of time they will come up with a way to communicate. It doesn't have to be words. A grunt, growl, or gesture could be just as effective. Language isn't limited to humans, either. Mammals of all kinds communicate their thoughts effectively to each other. Amphibians, reptiles, and birds are clear about mating. Even more primitive life like insects communicate with each other by their scents. Language is absolutely universal, without it there would be utter chaos.

  • It is all connected.

    There are a lot of languages that sound similar. They may not be exactly the same but you can see some subtle similarities. I think it comes down to the delivery of the words, which diction is a very big part of language. So I do believe that language is universal.

  • Yes, that's why we have so many languages.

    Language is universal among humans. Different cultures and groups of people all over the world all independently developed their own ways to communicate, and we still have thousands of different languages today. I haven't heard of any group of humans anywhere that doesn't communicate verbally with some form of language.

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