Is Large-Scale Wind Power Production Environmentally Friendly?

  • Large-Scale Wind Power Production is Environmentally Friendly

    Yes, large-scale wind power production is environmentally friendly as wind power itself is environmentally friendly. Wind power is cheap and costs nothing but a small bit of land space. The impact this has on the environment is minimal, especially when compared to the terrible impact of coal and oil based energy.

  • Yes, Wind Power is the most Eco-friendly Alternative

    Wind power, even large scale wind farms, is the most eco-friendly energy available at the moment. While wind farms take up space, they do not produce pollution and they make use of wind, which is a fully renewable resource. Since certain areas have higher and more consistent amounts of wind, it makes sense to make use of these areas to build wind farms and generate energy to help everyone.

  • Its really a tie

    You see a large scale wind farm will take up bits of space, but you will have to run power lines to a station that can convert the power back on the grid. If the wind farm is in a forest the your going to set up power lines disturbing nature. Power lines and wind mills need repair and maintenance so you would have to cut a road to get to the windmills.

    Windmills also kill birds so much that there is a limit on the amount of dead birds in a year some of these birds are endangered or protected by law. Over all wind is still a clean energy

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