Is Larry Bird the greatest clutch player ever to play in the history of the NBA?

  • Cocky but great

    He could talk the walk and walk the talk. Never mind his lights out shooting. I've never seen a player who could touch pass the ball on a moments notice to where he knew another player was going to be, not where they are. Hands down best passer I've ever seen.

  • Larry the greatest

    I've been watching nba since 1975 larry bird was the greatest when the game was on the line go look at u tube and see for yourself. I've seen kobe throw up bricks and not even hit the net but he gets all this praise about bein great what a joke.

  • Larry legend Bird

    Pat Riley once said, if I want to win games, I will choose MJ to shoot the ball, but if my life is on the line, I will choose Bird to shoot the ball. Jordan once said, aside from him, he wll choose Bird to take the last shot. Larry Bird all the way

  • I'd say Russell

    When Russell was way past his prime he took a team and won his 11th title against Wilt, West and Baylor (all a lot closer to their primes than Russell). He had good teammates, but Boston were the heavy heavy underdogs in that series. He did whatever it took to win and almost always (12 of 13 years in the pros [I can't count the injured year against him]) ended up doing enough. Even if his clutch play was an outlet pass or a big rebound or a block and not always the shot.

  • You could not stop larry bird

    When the game was on the line everyone knew who it was going to and when it was in his hands there was nobody that could stop him from taking and making that shot not even Michael Jordan (the GOAT) and Pippen at the same time! Could keep him from winning the game

  • Hes hit 33 game winners not counting those that wasn't caught on video

    Although it's arguable what is and what isn't a game winner but one things for certain. Larry bird was CLUTCH. He hit a game winner with Scottie pippen AND Michael Jordan guarding him he hit 5 game winners in one season and 2 in one game, he's a flat out freak, its plain and simple Larry bird=clutch

  • Bird hit his shots

    No one will ever shoot like Bird. No Curry no Klay no Ray Allen, no one. While he ay not be the greatest player ever, (Jordan takes that one) Bird is always the one taking the game winning shot in my book. Simply astonishing the things he did, and the ways he shot and made the basketball. He saved the NBA because everybody wanted to see him take over the overtimes and whatnot.

  • Bird is Goat

    Bird is so clutch he would tell the opposing player where and what he was going to do with the ball during clutch time. He would then hit the shot 9 times out of 10. There are a number of players who have been like Jordan. But the truth is that there will never be another Bird.

  • No one like Bird

    I'm 43 years old. I've seen Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Dr. J, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron, Curry, etc... And, none of them dazzled like Larry Bird. The man could make your heart leap or instantly stop its' beating (depending on if you were a fan or not). Some of his exploits were nothing less than miraculous and one was truly left doubting the reality of what occurred. Thanks to the advent of YouTube, I've been able to revisit many of those moments. And, they are no less miraculous. There is NO ONE like Bird.

  • Most feared player ever, Larry did not think much of anyone he played against, but Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, and Michael were afraid of him.

    Offensively, he was a threat in ever single situation. His passing was pin-point accurate and he seemed to know where his teammates would be before they did. As a shooter, nobody else even came close. Michael Jordan can be trusted to shoot a shot to win a game, but if you need someone to make a shot to save your life, you'd pick Bird. He shot from inside and from beyond the arc. Any time Bird got an open pass and wound up his shot, opposing fans would moan in dismay. His rebounding was very good despite not being a great jumper, he was tough to the core. Few players had such a rough upbringing, and Bird never backed down from anyone. Defensively, he was just as much of a nightmare. It didn't matter that he lacked speed, he could guard even Jordan easily. I've seen him actually block plenty of Jordan's shots. I even saw an incredible play where Larry blocked an alley-oop pass in midair, something I'd never seen before. His weapon was his mind. He knew where his opponent would pass before they did and he pulled off lightning steals all the time, often during critical moments to win the game. I'll put it this way; if Larry had the same athleticism as Jordan he would have been unbeatable.

  • Where's the footage?

    The tape don't lie. You don't see many last second shots by Bird because, Well, There weren't many! In fact, Look up how many times the Celtics got bounced in the playoffs because Bird laid a huge egg shooting the basketball. Bird also had a tremendous amount of HALL OF FAME help to win those 3 titles. In my opinion, I think Bird UNDERACHIEVED considering the supporting cast he had. Which would actually make him the OPPOSTITE of clutch.

  • Larry Bird is NOT the Greatest Clutch Player of All Time

    Michael Jordan made 6 of 7 game winning/tying shots during the Bulls' 6 title runs, including 5 flat out game winners in a row & finished his playoff career, 9 of 18 on game winners. Larry Bird hasn't even made a game winner in the finals. He has missed though. He's also missed a lot of clutch shots, during the final minute of the playoffs.

  • No Michael Jordan has to be

    Larry Bird was very clutch in his time, but he does not compare to Michael Jordan. There were so many game winning shots from Jordan during the Bulls championship runs that he has to be considered the most clutch player ever. As a Knicks fan this is especially painful for me to admit.

  • Larry is not the most clutch player of all time

    Michael Jordan hit game winners to win the Finals with not even a full second left. He hit game winners at 40. Larry who? I remember MJ crossing up his Jazz defender and sinking a game winner to win his sixth final, then doing what would later be called his Tiger Woods fist pump. I remember MJ destroying Craig Ehlo's reputation with his shot at the foul line. I cant say I remember one memorable Larry Bird game winner, especially in the finals, so I'm sorry to you Celtics fans but Larry is not even close.

  • Larry Bird is NOT the Greatest Clutch Player of All Time

    Larry Bird is a much beloved figure for many college and pro basketball fans. To say he is the greatest "clutch player" is an exaggeration, however. A lot of people remember the 1980s series between the Lakers and the Celtics. This was a memorable series because it pitted two of the most popular and historic teams in the NBA. Both teams had large followings spread out around the country due to their status as premier teams of the previous decade, with stars like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell leading the way. I think that people are all to eager to assign intangible qualities like "clutch" and "grittiness" to white players, while attributing black players success to "natural ability" or "athleticism." This is an example of subtle yet prominent institutional racism. Larry Bird was an outstanding basketball player, who had natural ability which was honed by practice and work ethic. He also had an outstanding supporting cast around him. He may have got lucky a few times as well. Clutch is an oversimplification.

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