• It's a liquid.

    Lava is wet because lava is surrounded by other lava molecules, Right? The molecules are touching, So lava would then be wet, The lava molecules are getting each other wet. If you are under lava, You are wet. The lava is touching you, Your skin has been saturated with lava. You have lava touching you, You can't say that you aren't wet underlava when you literally have lava touching you. Wet is used to describe something, Not what it does to something. Lava also can't make other things wet if it is not wet itself. That's like saying fire can't burn things because it's not burning in of itself (fire is an energy, Not a physical thing, I'm just being hypothetical) For all of you saying lava isn't wet because you have to be able to remove the lava from the surface or whatever, You can take lava away from the lava. You can remove lava molecules from other molecules. Say you were to put a towel in a pool, You are removing the lava from the poo. You can remove lava from lava, It's just molecules. All of you saying lava isn't wet don't know what lava is.

  • Is to molten rock

    Because it is rock that if heated up into a molten state it does not contain any water, Thus it can not be considered wet, This is because the word wet means that the object has to be covered in water, Because it is not covered in water it is not wet.

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