• Militarized Police is too much

    When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Law enforcement doesn't need a tanks, a grenade launchers, and an attack helicopter to arrest a 70 yo man for tools on his lawn. Some places are better than others, but I don't see the reason why the police can't cool down a situation, or use teasers.

  • Control, Power, Zero accountability.

    The police have power, control, and are treated with zero accountability. Of course they are out of control nobody is checking them. It's easy for people who are not identified as the "Criminal population" to say "oh of course the police are not out of control" those people are not perceived as targets.

  • Rights, Responsibility & accountability go hand in hand

    Everybody Risks their lives everyday , doctors are exposed to disease, fire fighters face death nearly every day so whats so special about cops, yes there are good cops and Bad cops but until, we have some kind of Accountability that requires being fired from your job then the police will continue being out of control , its easy to say no when your aren't the Target population for police Brutality

  • Cops stalk me

    I am in recovery and have no prior felony covinctions but have been arrested and found innocent. Cops have blocked me off on road twice, followed me and when I reported it they laughed and said “don’t woery we are not looking for you” I’m sober going on three years, I don’t drink, smoke, nothing! They won’t let me out live my past and abuse their power. Plymouth ma police cop car number 10 short chubby guy brown hair harasses me. C362 is the license plate. Watch out
    For him!!

  • No it isn't

    The majority of police officers are wonderful people who choose to risk their lives to save others. If you watch the show cops you'll see what they put up with to keep us safe. Many die while keeping us safe. Cops have an important job. There are cops who abuse their power and they need to stop. Those power abusing cops don't represent the majority of cops who want to protect and serve.

  • As a whole no.

    The thing that people don't think about, is that cops are people. People are capable of having their own individual thoughts and actions. Police agencies are not the Borg. So with that in mind, sure, some cops can go rogue and be criminal but the 2 or 3% does not reflect on the establishment as a whole.

  • I don't agree with taking away personal liberties, but cops are being attacked

    If someone makes threatening gestures, a cop sometimes has to make a judgment call, and it really sucks when someone dies or gets badly wounded as a result. However, I cannot fault police officers from defending themselves. Many times they are in rough neighborhoods and some folks that live there wouldn't think twice about shooting a cop. The media is concentrating on race, because it sells newspapers and makes people watch their coverage... Then you have certain people (on both sides of the political spectrum) taking sides. It's sickening what's happening in America, actually.

  • Media and Distortion

    I think that the media is reporting only one kind of perspective on cops and they are not reporting the cop side of the story. For example, you would not here the media talking about Darren Wilson's eye socket fractured right after Michal Brown. Than people start misinterpreting the case.

  • They are being attacked

    The people that have been shot did something wrong. It would be different if they were attacking random people. Not only that but they are placing race on the situation also. The protesters were people chanting "Black lives matter." But yet what they didn't realize is that the people who were killed by the cops were not all black. So they basically were defending a false argument. Also the people they are protesting about committed a crime and then attacked police. The guy who said he couldn't breath should have not been put in a choke hold but should have been put in handcuffs. He knew he was selling cigarettes illegally and he knew what would happen if he got caught. So there for they are not out of control but they are just doing their job.

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Dilara says2015-01-03T01:22:46.593
If your a cop your not worried about being warm and fuzzy to a criminal. If he grabs your gun or charges you you shoot to keep your self and others safe.