• This guy's Just awesome

    This guy with his comments and the gameplay background made my days! His attitude and his humor made his channel the best. Love Leafy till i die
    Ps: Loved his intro song (Internet Crush - Hex Cougar). I don't know what happened to him☹️ Hope he'll be bsck soon 💔

  • Broke the game

    LeafyIdHere blew up because he did something called commentaries w gameplay in the back, Wich was never done before on youtube because it was 2015. He changed the game and how youtube will be. He helped many reach succes and many affiliated with him are now big youtubers. You might not like him, But you have to admit what he did was revolutionaory.

  • I love leafy

    Leafy is probably the best youtuber ever to youtubed. He did great on the great ness of youtubing and i think he is doing a great job. He is about- no, even better than our lord keemstar as you no keemstar is really cool and i need to hit the word limit.

  • He is bad

    I think that leafy iss bad and dub and je needs get kicked okff youtueb beacuz he bullied kiss and amd I don't like him so that is whey he should be kixkxd of you tube. Come the website if you think he is good you are bad too ok

  • He has no chin

    Seriously, How can you be the best at anything if you don't even have a chin. Imagine how hard it is for him to function as a human being without the bottom part of his jaw. How does he eat? How does his talk? I don't even think Leafy is a human if he is still alive right now.

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